Last update: March 30, 2017


According to UBC Policy #23, there are two (2) positions on this committee for those elected by and from the faculty members whose primary appointment is in the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration (also known as the Sauder School of Business). 

For the purposes of this election “Faculty Member” is defined as any person with a primary appointment in the Faculty as a Professor (Full/Associate/Assistant), Instructor (Senior/II/I), Professor of Teaching, or Lecturer.  Those holding appointments of clinical, sessional, adjunct, emeritus, and honorary faculty are not eligible.


Please follow the instructions below carefully.  Be aware that the WebVote system does NOT use the CWL login.  To access the system, you will need to follow the steps set out below:

1)            Click here to go to the WebVote System

2)            Click on “Cast Vote”

3)            Click on “Vote” next to “2017 Dean of Commerce and Business Administration Extension Committee”

4)            Enter your User ID:  This is your 7-digit UBC Employee ID number*
                *this can be found on your UBCID card or paystub

5)            Enter your six-digit password: This is your date of birth in format YYMMDD

6)            Vote for up to two candidates by clicking on the box next to the candidates’ names

7)            Click on “Submit Vote” then click “ok” to confirm your submission

Polls will close at 5:00 pm on Monday, April 10th, 2017.


James Brander, Professor

I am honoured to be nominated for the President’s Advisory Committee regarding the Dean’s reappointment and would be very pleased to serve. I believe that I have relevant experience, having served on Senate for 10 years, as an associate dean in the Sauder School, as a Division Chair, as chair of two major standing committees in Sauder (APT and APAC),  and in many other administrative roles, including being on several search committees for senior administrative positions. I have a strong commitment to the University’s research enterprise and to teaching (having taught extensively at all levels). I also appreciate the Dean’s role in financial management, community relations, alumni affairs, and related areas. And I value the Dean’s role in promoting collegiality within the Sauder School and, more broadly, as a moral and intellectual leader at UBC. 

Mahesh Nagarajan, Professor

It would be my honour to serve in the President¹s Advisory Committee regarding the Dean¹s reappointment. I currently serve as a division chair at the Sauder School. I have served in several other major committees at Sauder and UBC, including APAC, the Dean's Strategy committee at Sauder, the President's advisory committee on global initiatives and as the academic advisor for the Aboriginal management programs. I believe this gives me the relevant experience to serve in this committee. Research scholarship and teaching excellence at UBC are important values of mine.

I am significantly involved in Sauder¹s teaching and outreach with experience in every degree program that Sauder runs.  I have a deep appreciation and understanding of the role of the dean of the business school, especially in terms of leadership, community building and outreach.

Martin Schulz, Associate Professor

It would be an honour for me to serve on the President’s Advisory Committee to consider the extension of the appointment of the Dean. I think that the Sauder School has enormous potential, but also faces significant challenges. In my role as committee member, I would pay attention to a number of issues that are critical for unlocking Sauder’s potential, including (i) the management of Sauder’s diverse stakeholders; (ii) goal setting, goal achievement, and leadership; (iii) academic administration and related processes, policies, and structures; and (iv) respect for academic freedom. I bring expertise in sociology and organization theory to the job. My academic career has led me through a number of amazing academic institutions in Europe and North America. My perspectives reflect a broad spectrum of experiences and are shaped by my research on organizational rules, learning, and knowledge.


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