Last update: March 29, 2017


According to UBC Policy #21, there are four (4) positions on this committee for those elected by and from the faculty members whose primary appointment is in the Faculty of Science. 

For the purposes of this election “Faculty Member” is defined as any person with a primary appointment in the Faculty as a Professor (Full/Associate/Assistant), Instructor (Senior/II/I), Professor of Teaching, or Lecturer.  Those holding appointments of clinical, sessional, adjunct, emeritus, and honorary faculty are not eligible.


Please follow the instructions below carefully.  Be aware that the WebVote system does NOT use the CWL login.  To access the system, you will need to follow the steps set out below:

1)            Click here to go to the WebVote System

2)            Click on “Cast Vote”

3)            Click on “Vote” next to “2017 President's Advisory Committee for the selection of the next Dean of the Faculty of Science”

4)            Enter your User ID:  This is your 7-digit UBC Employee ID number*
                *this can be found on your UBCID card or paystub

5)            Enter your six-digit password: This is your date of birth in format YYMMDD

6)            Vote for up to four (4) candidates by clicking on the box next to the candidates’ names

7)            Click on “Submit Vote” then click “ok” to confirm your submission

Polls will close at 5:00 pm on Monday, April 10th, 2017.


James Colliander, Professor

I am a Professor of Mathematics and Director of the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences. Improving UBC’s capacity to make discoveries, to advance knowledge, and to train the next generation will require academic leadership with vision and principles. With an abundance of new exoplanets, molecular scale control of life, and exaflops chewing through petabytes, our era needs strong science at UBC to understand and address massive challenges that we human beings face. I wish to serve on the committee advising the President on the selection of the next Dean of Science at UBC.

Derek P. Gates, Professor

Derek P. Gates began his independent research career at UBC in 1999 and is currently Professor of Chemistry. As an award winning chemist and teacher, he has received the national CSC-Strem Chemicals Award and the institutional SUS-Teaching Excellence Award.  He is Editor-In-Chief of Heteroatom Chemistry and will chair a major international conference here at UBC in June 2017. Gates has taught at all levels and co-authored the ChIRP workbook that is used by ca. 2000 first year chemistry students annually.  In addition to chairing various departmental committees, he has chaired the NSERC Chemistry Evaluation Group for Discovery Grants, and he has served on the Faculty of Science DACOPAT committee.  Gates runs a group of 12 researchers with interests bridging inorganic and polymer chemistry.  His research spans fundamental and applied chemistry with on-going collaborations within academia and industry.  Derek is committed to growing the research and teaching excellence in our Faculty.

Mark MacLachlan, Professor

I have been on faculty in Chemistry since 2001, and full professor since 2011. Elevating UBC “from excellence to eminence” depends mostly on our research and the researchers we hire & retain. Thus, I am committed to hiring a Dean that has a strong track record in research and has "research excellence" as her/his top priority. The Dean must have strong leadership capabilities and also be committed to high quality teaching, graduate student training, outreach / community engagement, and diversity. If elected, I would bring to the committee a strong track record in research (Tier 1 Canada Research Chair; FRSC; Steacie Prize), teaching (Killam Teaching Prize; Killam Prize for Excellence in Mentoring), and service (Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Studies pro tem for 2016-17; UBC Presidential Search Committee 2015-16). I would like to help to identify and recruit the best person for this important job. 

Alla Sheffer, Professor

Sheffer joined the Computer Science department at UBC in 2003, and was promoted to full professor in 2013. She is a well-established computer graphics researcher and has published over eighty peer reviewed papers, many of which are highly cited. She serves on the editorial boards of the top journals in her area, and is a recipient of numerous awards.

Sheffer served on the search committees for the Computer Science Department Head, and the Director of the Institute for Computing, Information and Cognitive Systems. This experience equipped her with useful insights into good practices for the selection processes for senior academic positions at UBC.

Sheffer is passionate about advancing science research and education at UBC and about UBC’s standing as a major international university. As such she would welcome the opportunity to take part in the selection of the new dean of science.

Dominique Weis, Professor

As a senior scientist with ~200 published papers and significant experience, I am very concerned about science and university policy issues, science education and outreach, and in research funding and management. Currently, I am the Director of a large facility, the Pacific Centre for Isotopic and Geochemical Research and the lead PI of a CREATE grant.

Over my career, I have very actively participated in various university/science advisory boards and funding committees, at the national or international level, including committees that are promoting collaborative research, student exchange and broader scientific issues, as well as diversity. At UBC, I have been a member of various committees, e.g. CABIA (2002-7), President’s advisory committee for the Dean of Science search (2002-3), Faculty Research Awards Committee (2005-8), Senior Appointment Committee (2006-8), and the UBC Conflict of Interest committee (2010-), among others.


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