Last update: April 11, 2017

In March, a call for nominations was sent to all undergraduate students in the Faculty of Science to represent their peers on the President's Advisory Committee for the Selection of the next Dean of the Faculty of Science. There is one position available.  Five eligible candidates have let their name stand for election, therefore an election is necessary.

Voting Instructions

Please follow the instructions below carefully. 

  1.   Log in to your SSC
  2.   Find "WebVote" under the "Grades and Records" menu
  3.   Click on “Cast Vote"
  4.   Click on “Vote” next to the "2017 Faculty of Science Undergraduate Student representative on   the Committee to Select the next Dean  of the Faculty"
  5.   Vote for your candidate by clicking on the box next to the candidate's name.
  6.   Click on “Submit Vote” then click “ok” to confirm your submission.

Polls will close at 4:00 pm on Tuesday, April 25th, 2017.


Mohammad Asadi Lari

Having spent three years as a UBC Science student, talking to my peers and to faculty, I have realized that transparency and the level of student engagement are concerns many have of us share about how our faculty is run. We want to see an administration that further engages with students and hears their concerns on academic and non-academic matters, while utilizing their ideas and initiatives. 

As the managing director of STEM Fellowship, and as a youth advisor for the Canadian Red Cross and the Canadian Commission for UNESCO, I have interacted with science students and administrators from across Canada. This gives me a good picture of what we need in the future Dean of Science to create a more open and vibrant faculty. I hope you place your trust in me to represent your interests in selecting “our” next Dean! 

Urim Lim

Some of my most valuable strengths are good organizational time management, interpersonal communication skills and patience. In addition, my leadership skills have also turned up a notch through various leadership courses and conferences throughout high school. Above all, I do well at taking initiative and paying attention to details for managing all aspects of participant service efficiently. I hope all these my strengths will be used for supporting the search of a new Dean in the Faculty of Science.     

 I would welcome the opportunity to further discuss my contributions that can help in the President’s Advisory Committee.

Jamie Magrill

I am a 4th-Year Honors Biology student. I previously served the student body as an undergraduate Member-Elect for the New SUB Committee, and currently hold the position of Vice-President, Communication for the Gamma Sigma Alpha Academic Honors Society. I am excited for the chance to bring the advocacy and lobbying skills I have learned in these positions for the benefit of Science students in the search for our new Dean. I am a strong communicator and team-builder, able to work under deadlines and deliver outstanding results. As a cancer researcher for the past two years, I have collaborated with international scientists, and became familiar with the needs of UBC’s undergraduate researchers and students. I intend to take my enthusiasm for teamwork to this position to engage students in the process, ensure transparency by the members of the search committee, and put the needs of the student body first.

Sarah Park

Hello everyone! My name is Sarah Park and I am excited to be one of your candidates to become the undergraduate student representative for the selection of the new Dean for the Faculty of Science. As the Science Undergraduate Society (SUS) Vice-President Academic, I’ve had the pleasure of sitting on the Faculty of Science Curriculum Committee and Killam Teaching Awards Committee as well as chairing the SUS Academic Committee. Through these experiences, I’ve worked with fantastic leaders from across the faculty – department heads, professors, staff, and students – and realized that all the leaders were passionate, efficient, clear communicators, humble, curious, open-minded, innovative, and enjoyed the ride. I would be honoured to be given the opportunity to help find the new Dean who embodies those qualities and goes above and beyond to support our lovely faculty.

Antony Tsui

My name is Antony Tsui, and I am a fourth-year Bachelor of Science student, majoring in Integrated Sciences (Environmental Sciences and Biomedical Sciences) and minoring in Commerce. I possess a wide variety of skills and experiences that would make me a valuable student voice at the Advisory Committee table. As the current elected Vice President, Communications, of the UBC Science Undergraduate Society and having served in many senior leadership roles on campus, such as Science Senior Orientation Leader (formerly known as Squad Leader), I understand the needs of the student body and the characteristics required of a new Dean to lead the second largest faculty on campus into UBC’s next century. This position requires a candidate like myself who is attentive to detail, open to feedback, always looking to improve the status quo, and mindful of existing provisions and policies in place. I would be honored to have your vote. Thank you.


Please direct any questions to  or 604.827.0003.