Last update: February 12, 2019

Schedule at a glance


9:00 am - 9:30 am Check in, coffee, mingling Golden Jubilee Room
9:30 am - 10:00 am Welcome and Warm Up Golden Jubilee Room
10:00 am - 11:00 am Keynote Speaker: Deb Butler Golden Jubilee Room
11:00 am - 11:15 am Movement Break Golden Jubilee Room
11:15 am - 12:45 pm Concurrent Sessions: Roundtable Discussions

Golden Jubilee Room



12:45 pm - 1:30 pm Lunch and Networking Golden Jubilee Room
1:30 pm - 2:30 pm Concurrent Sessions: Presentations

Golden Jubilee Room




2:40 pm - 4:00 pm Community Closing Plenary: Simon Bates Golden Jubilee Room

















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Keynote Speaker: Professor Deborah Butler, Faculty of Education, UBC


Concurrent Sessions

11:15 am – 12:45pm | Roundtable Discussions

Explore a range of issues and ideas through small-group discussion with your colleagues. In each room there will be a series of short 5-minute presentations of a topic and discussion question followed by 3 rounds of 20-minute table discussions.

  • UBC Jump Start: What Happened in 2018?
  • Society & You: Recognizing Disciplinary Lens in Your Daily Life
  • IN/Relation: Educational Resources for International Students Learning Indigenous Contexts and Histories at UBC
  • Supporting Student Wellbeing Using Online Resources
Golden Jubilee Room
  • Building Community with First Year Students Beyond the Classroom
  • Teaching Practices and Student Wellbeing
  • Using Mastermind Groups to Build Capacity in the First Year Experience
  • Defining Microbarriers
IKBLC 182 (Victoria Learning Theatre)
  • Bug Bounty: Rewarding Student Copyediting of Open Source Text
  • Indigenous Initiatives Learning Community: Collaboration & Reciprocity
  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in First Year Experience

1:30 pm – 2:30 pm | Presentations

Find out what first-year educators across our campus have been up to in terms of SOTL research, curriculum and pedagogy. In each room, one of the conference themes will be explored in-depth through a range of 10-minute presentations and a facilitated 20-minute large-group discussion.

IKBLC 261: Inclusive Excellence
  • Plagiarism Revisited:  A Culturally-Sensitive Approach to Academic "Dishonesty"
  • First-Year Students' Encounter with Trans Studies Research
  • The Historical Imagination: Rethinking First Year History Curricula at Vantage College
  • Incorporating Universal Design for Learning principles, accessibility guidelines, and wellness principles into online courses and course materials: A checklist for instructors and course designers
IKBLC 182: Innovative Pedagogies
  • Automating Creative, Peer-reviewed Projects to Enhance Motivation in a Very Large First Year Course
  • Groups, Boosts, and Chats: the Canvas-based ePortfolio as Meta-cognitive Social Media Simulator and Group-Networking Tool
  • Taking up Metalanguage: Effectiveness of ComPAIR Student Feedback in Peer Review
  • Experiments Building Community Within a Blended Classroom
Golden Jubilee Room: Learning as Process
  • Substituting midterm exams with short weekly quizzes in biology: benefits and considerations for instructors and students.
  • Four-way high-fives during exams: Adding a group phase to provide immediate feedback and increase enjoyment 
  • Using Self-Reflection Activities to Aid Students' Transition into University Learning Environments: A Case Study with UBC's Science One Program
  • Integrating Primary and Secondary Source Research: A Scaffolded Approach
IKBLC 155: Theory ↔ Practice
  • Mental Health Literacy: From Theory to Practice
  • Understanding first-year students' transition to university studies: Exploring changes in stress, hope, belonging, and learning-related beliefs
  • Piloting an Academic Scholars Program in a First Year Biology Course
  • Fostering Success: Embedding Wellbeing Principles into the First-Year Curriculum

Community Closing Plenary: featuring Simon Bates, UBC's Associate Provost, Teaching and Learning