Last update: March 8, 2017

Twelve (12) elected posititons on the Vancouver Senate and two (2) elected positions on the Okanagan Senate are available for members of the convocation for a term ending in August 2020.

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Membership in the Convocation is set as all persons who are UBC Faculty Members with the ranks of professor (all grades), Professor of Teaching, instructor (all grades), or lecturer (excluding sessional adjunct, clinical, and honorary appointments); graduates of the University of British Columbia (or of certain bachelor degree programs formerly offered by Okanagan University College); Professors Emeriti, UBC professional Librarians; or Members of either the Vancouver or the Okanagan Senate. Current faculty Members and librarians, although eligible to nominate and vote, are not eligible to stand for election.


The following convocation members are acclaimed as elected as representatives of the Convocation on the Okanagan / Vancouver Senate for terms beginning on September 1st, 2017 and ending August 31st, 2020 and thereafter until successors are elected:


  • Catherine Comben - BA 1967
  • vacant


  • Tariq Ahmed – LLB 2008 
  • Lawrence Burr – BA 1958, MSc 1961, MD 1964
  • Andrea Dulay – BA 1993, B. Ed. 1997, M.Ed. 2001
  • Benjamin Fischer - BSc 2009, BScN 2011
  • John H.V. Gilbert - Professor Emeritus 
  • Séan Haffey - BA 1990
  • Haymen Leong – BA 2011, BEd 2008, MA 2011 
  • William B. McNulty – BPE 1968, MPE 1970, MA 1984
  • Sarah T. Ngo – BA 2003
  • John D. Shepherd – BSc 1976 
  • Mike C. Stewart – JD 2014
  • Richard C. Tees – Professor Emeritus



Any questions can be sent to or made by telephone to 604.827.0003.