Last update: November 29, 2019

Project Initiation Requests (PIRs) are submitted via an online form (link below). This page provides details about the information required in the PIR form. Incomplete forms will result in delays, so please complete the form in full and provide adequate information regarding the issue, including any associated risks and timelines.

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Preparing to submit a PIR

  1. Contact information for the person is submitting the request (name, CWL and email). This may or may not be the same as the person who will be the primary contact for the PIR.
  2. Contact information for the person who will be the primary point of contact for the PIR (name, CWL and email). This may or may not be the same as the person who is submitting the request.
  3. Summary of the PIR.  A short title or descriptor of the request.
  4. Name of the project sponsor. This is usually someone in a senior level position who has a strategic planning or decision making role. This person should already be aware of and in favour of the PIR. Project Initiation Requests require sponsorship.
  5. Department/Faculty of the sponsor. The sponsor is usually the business owner of the unit that submits the PIR.
  6. Describe the problem you are trying to solve. Provide details about the issue and how you currently address it, if applicable.
  7. Desired future state. Describe what the end state would look like if the issue was resolved. 
  8. Desired release date. List the date(s) by which the request must be implemented. Please tell us about the deadline and the impact of any delays in implementation (for example, board deadline, government legislation, compliance related deadline, senate legislation deadline, enrolment deadline, etc.).
  9. Please tell us about any consequences of, or risks associated with, going forward with this request. If this PIR does not get approved, what would the consequences be?
  10. Other information. Share any other relevant information that will help us to understand the situation. You can attach documents to the online form to supplement the information you provide.

Submit a PIR

Submit a PIR through the Project Initiation Request form

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