Last update: November 29, 2019


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What happens after I submit a PIR?

1. Initial review

The Student System Management (SSM) team will review the PIR and they will contact you if they require further information.

2. Estimating and scoring

If no further information is required, the SSM and IT Development and Sustainment Services (DASS) will review the PIR at their biweekly meeting where they meet to estimate the effort required to address each of the PIRs that have been submitted. After the PIR is estimated it is scored using a standardized assessment tool.

After the SSM and DASS teams have determined the effort (time required to complete request) that would be required to complete the PIR you will receive an automated response with details.

3. Prioritization

The estimated and scored PIR will then be prioritized by the Student Information System (SIS) Working Group. The SIS Working Group meets on a quarterly basis to discuss all of the estimated and scored PIRs submitted by faculties and groups across UBC and to develop a yearlong plan to address the PIRs.

We will contact you if the PIR that you submitted has been prioritized. Please contact us regarding the status of your PIR if you have questions or would like an update.

4. Scheduling

After the SIS Working Group has prioritized the PIRs, the DASS team will schedule the PIRs for implementation.

The DASS team will contact you when your PIR has been scheduled.

SIS Working Group Committee

Before PIRs are scheduled for implementation, they are thoroughly reviewed by the SIS Working Group Committee, which is comprised of the following members from across UBC, including:

  • Associate Director, Student Systems Management, Enrolment Services (Chair) 
  • Associate Registrar & HR Director, Scheduling, Records and Systems Management, Enrolment Services
  • Deputy Registrar, Enrolment Services, UBC Okanagan campus
  • Director, Student Academic Services, Faculty of Science
  • Director, Arts Academic Advising Services, Faculty of Arts
  • Assistant Dean, Strategic Technologies and Business Initiatives, Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
  • Assistant Dean & Director, Undergraduate Office, Sauder School of Business
  • Director, Student Services, Faculty of Forestry
  • Senior Project Manager, Development & Sustainment Services, UBC Information Technology

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