Last update: October 26, 2021

Please note: The PIR process has changed. The PIR information here and the Project Initiation Request form will be updated to reflect the new SIS Enhancement Request process when available. In the meantime, if you have an inquiry about system changes to the SIS, or any questions about the SIS enhancement request process, please contact the Student Systems Management team. A PIR, or Project Initiation Request, is the process by which certain changes to our current Student Information Systems (SIS) are requested.

Some requests are made through the PIR process, while others are made through an IT support ticket or via email to Enrolment Services. The information below will help you determine the method to use to address your request based on the category it falls under. 

PIR Self-Assessment

Determine which category applies to your request and find out the next steps to address the issue.

Meets requirements to be submitted through the PIR process

"Mandatory" system enhancement requests that:

  • Maintain the integrity of data, information, and the system.
  • Maintain or uphold the protection and security of the SIS and/or SIS data.
  • Ensure that UBC continues to meets obligations to legislated agreements and working agreements with Government, Government ministries, public policies, external agencies, and partners.
  • Ensure the implementation of UBC Senate or Board of Governor policies and decisions where there are no available workarounds.

"Discretionary" system enhancement requests are those that do not have a sustainable or viable workaround, plus any one or more of the following: 

  • Ensures fairness and equity of core UBC processes.
  • Impact a significant number of students and/or staff.
  • Have a high impact on and value to the UBC community.
  • Improve student and/or staff experience.
  • Ensure that UBC activities and processes continue to be sustainable, fair, and equitable for faculty, staff and students.
  • Maintain and supports student enrolment.
  • Maintain the integrity of a core UBC process.
  • Operationalize a key UBC strategic priority and/or decision.
  • Maintain the accuracy of data and/or information in the SIS.
  • Significantly improve operational efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Resolve business challenges within a finite timeline.
Next steps

Find out:

Does not meet requirements to be submitted through the PIR process

The following examples are not addressed through the PIR process. 

Issues not addressed through the PIR process include those that:
  • Can/should be addressed with vendor solution and/or a vendor product enhancement.
  • Have low impact on or value to wider UBC community and impacts few students and/or staff.
  • Are mainly cosmetic in nature.
  • Adresses features or technologies that are no longer neede or in use.
  • Have an existing and sustainable workaround.
  • Have an effort to implement that outweighs impact to the UBC community.

If you would like information about PIRs that you don't see here, please contact Seena Zhang or Jason Kwok.

Enrolment Services support (business related)

Please contact if your request is related to issues with, or questions about, existing Student Information System (SIS) functionality including inquiries about reporting or retrieving student information.

IT Support (technical)
  • To report an unplanned interruption to the services or functionality of the Student Information System, contact Academic Systems Support.
  • For computer related technical issues impacting access to systems, contact the UBC IT Help Desk.


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