Last update: December 2, 2019

E-Payment processes financial transactions. There are three components to E-Payment: My Financial Account for students, a Web Service for customers, and an Administration Module for administrators.

My Financial Account

Students and applicants access E-Payment via the Student Service Centre (SSC) under My Financial Account, which displays a detailed statement for UBC students by consolidating items from Enrolment Services (tuition and fees), Undergraduate Admissions, Library, Housing, and Food Services. Any items appearing in My Financial Account can be paid directly online using Interac® Online, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), or credit card (not available for tuition or Housing).

E-Payment Web Service

The E-Payment Web Service can be used for all types of customers (students and non-students). It functions as a back-end authorization service, which also sends the required Journal Vouchers to FMIS. The department hosts a "shopping cart" on its own website.

When the customer is ready to pay, they are transferred to E-Payment for the secure capture of payment details. E-Payment Web Service redirects the customer back to the department site once all payment activity is complete.

UBC E-Payment Administration

The E-Payment Administration Module allows authorized users to view payment reports and issue refunds. Use your CWL ID to access the module. For access to E-Payment Administration, please download the form below, fill it in, and email it to SIS Security at

E-Payment Administrative Access Form (pdf)

Other UBC E-Payment services

Detailed information on the services offered by E-Payment, including account setup, access, code samples, and discussions, are available in the UBC E-Payment Support Google Group. As some of the information is sensitive, access is by Google ID only. You can use an existing ID or a new one created just for the group. Google Groups will guide you through the setup process and show you how to request membership. Once we have received your request, there may be a slight delay while we approve your request.