Last update: December 4, 2017

Learn how to troubleshoot common course scheduling errors.

I know a room is available but it doesn't appear when I click "available rooms".

Check the following:

  • Does the maximum enrolment in the Edit section exceed the seat capacity of the room you want to book?
  • Have you included the type of seating/room type for the room (e.g., fixed seating or problem-based learning)? The more room types listed, the better the results.
  • Have you limited the list for buildings, regions, and rooms? Are your start dates and end time correct? If the room is booked on one of your scheduled days, you may need to do an exception for that day.
  • Have you checked the room availability on the Events room calendar?
  • Is the Arranged section checked? Uncheck this for the rooms to appear.
  • Is the "Do Not Schedule" button checked? If it is checked and you try to assign a room, the room and building box may be populated, but the room will not actually be scheduled.
Students can't register for my course

There are several reasons why students may not be able to register for a course.

  • You just created a section and will need to wait overnight for the Conflict Checker to run before the section is released to students.
  • The "Permit Students to Register" box may not be checked.
  • The student may not meet the restrictions.
    • Section-level restrictions: Restrictions at the section level are located on the UBC Details page, under Seat Pool. You may create restrictions that are only applied to the section. When creating a restriction, do not type in any of the information for the restrictions, as this will create an error. Use the arrows or the drop down menu. Make sure you save the seat pool and click "ok" to go back to the main page.
    • Senate restrictions: Senate restrictions can be viewed on the Faculty Course Management (FCM) system. Senate restrictions are applied to all of the sections of the course. To remove Senate restrictions contact Senate & Curriculum Services.
    • Faculty restrictions: Also viewed on the FCM, these restrictions are applied to all sections of a course. Students must meet these restrictions before they are able to register for the course.
  • Registration may also be prevented based on the student account (e.g., financial holds, advising required, not eligible).
I can't access the Faculty Service Centre (FSC)

There are several reasons why you may not be able to access the FSC. Try the following:

  • Delete your temporary Internet files and cookies.
  • Click the Java Update link on the FSC login page to ensure you are running the most recent version of Java. Open a new FSC page.
  • If you are accessing the Scheduling section and a blank black screen appears, the server is down. Contact Scheduling Services or try logging in later.