Last update: September 28, 2015

If you are teaching a course that will have a scheduled exam, see your department head or designate for additional scheduling and exam invigilation information.

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Invigilation Duties

Your department will set invigilation assignments when the Examination Schedule with Locations is posted. If you have special circumstances that should be taken into consideration when your duties are assigned, inform the department head or designate before this schedule is posted. The Examination Schedule with Locations is posted approximately one month before the start of the exam period. 

It is usually necessary to assign two invigilation duties to every invigilator, and it may be necessary to ask that some invigilators serve three times. These duties are assigned at the discretion of your department. There is no extra payment for this work, as it is considered part of the responsibility of the assistantship. 

When assigning duties to graduate student assistants, care is taken to avoid conflicts with scheduled examinations.

Exam Period Dates


  • Term 1:
  • Term 2:


  • Term 1:
  • Term 2:

Exam Time Blocks

The time blocks break down as follows: 

A - 8:30 am 

B – 12:00 noon 

C – 3:30 pm 

D – 7:00 pm