Last update: August 11, 2017

Summer exams are held over a five day formal examination period. Exams scheduled through Enrolment Services can only be set during this official period. Scheduling Services must be notified of any exams to be held during the summer exam periods.

Scheduling Summer Exams

Summer exams are scheduled using the same process as outlined on the Winter Session Exam Scheduling page.

The process for scheduling an exam is not the same as emailing Scheduling Services with a request to book a room for an exam. If you book a room for an exam and do not follow the correct process using the SISC exam request tab, Scheduling Services will be unable to check for exam conflicts.

Courses with non-typical end dates

If your course does not adhere to typical term dates, you may not be able to use the official exam period. 

In these cases, the instructor/department is responsible for all exam arrangements including dealing with conflicts, making room bookings and providing exam booklets. Please note that students must be informed of non-standard exam dates by the first day of class.

Summer Exam Schedule Release Dates

Please see the 'Schedule Availability' table under Dates and Deadlines for informaton on the publication of summer exams.