Last update: May 1, 2017

Currently, for many students a preferred first name appears next to their legal name on class lists and does not display on their UBCcard, which results in inconsistent usage of students’ preferred names.

As of May 2017, the preferred first name can be used in lieu of the legal first name on UBCcards. 

These changes recognize students with non-Western names, and trans and gender non-conforming students whose legal first name may not match their gender identity or expression. This new practice supports UBC’s commitment to a respectful and inclusive campus community.

Given the current restrictions in our student information systems, this change balances our responsibility to protect the integrity of academic records with students’ preference to be known primarily by their preferred name.

The University intends to phase in the consistent use of students’ preferred first name over the course of the 2017-2018 academic year. This includes:

  • Information systems
  • Unofficial University documents
  • Updating how it displays on the SIS
  • The primary name on class lists and exam rosters

On this page:

Continued use of legal names

Official documents required by organizations outside of UBC will use a student’s legal name. These include official transcripts, reports to government, letters of attestation, diplomas and certificates, and tuition receipts.

New protocol for students

A student can now make a request to Enrolment Services for their preferred name to be added or changed in the Student Information System (SIS).

The change takes 48 hours to appear on the system, at which point a student’s preferred name can be reflected on their UBCcard. Students who have a UBCcard that does not reflect their preferred name can visit the UBC Access Desk in the Bookstore to have it changed.

For more information, go to UBC Access Desk.

New protocols for student identity verification

Student Information System: SISC and FSC

When a student brings their student card and the name doesn’t match the name in the banner or on the main screen of the SIS, staff and faculty who advise students can check the name log to verify the student’s identity.

Exam or test verification

If the legal name and preferred name do not match the class list or exam roster review, you can verify the students’ identity by matching the:

  • photo
  • last name
  • student number