Last update: April 4, 2018

Information for faculty members who work with the following 2018 UBC Orientations programs:

- August 25th-31st, 2018:   UBC Jump Start

- September 4th, 2018:  Imagine Day

In 2018, Jump Start is open to all first-year, direct-entry UBC students (international & domestic), and all students will continue to attend Imagine Day. This site will be updated my mid-February, 2018, with more detailed information about the Orientations 2018 program schedule and the role faculty members can play in the programming.


First-Year Experience Themes

See the 2017 First-Year-Experience themes.

Jump Start Academic Learning Outcomes 

Jump Start Academic Learning Outcomes outlines the Learning Outcomes developed by the Senior Faculty Fellows alongside the Jump Start team. Some Faculties may have specific Faculty based Learning Outcomes.

Jump Start Academic Portal

The Jump Start Academic Portal is a living document intended to be a space to share lesson plans and resources to inform the development of our Jump Start Learning Communities. It will build and grow throughout the year and we encourage you to contribute to its ongoing development.

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