Last update: November 3, 2016

This is an election of one student representative from the Vancouver Campus to serve on the President's Advisory Committee for the selection of the next University Librarian.  This election is being conducted in accordance with University Policy #17.  All students on the Vancouver Campus are eligible to vote in this election.

How to vote:

  1. Log into the SSC.
  2. Find "WebVote" under the "Grades and Records" menu.
  3. Click "vote" next to the election labelled:  "2016 President's Advisory Committee for the selection of the next Univeristy Librarian - Vancouver Student Representative".
  4. Vote for a candidate by clicking on the box next to your preferred candidate's name.
  5. Click on "Submit Vote" the click "ok" to confirm your submission.

Polls will close at 4:00 pm on Thursday, November 10th, 2016.


Mohammad Hossein Asadi Lari

Hi, my name is Mohammad and I am a third year undergraduate student in the honours cellular, anatomical and physiological sciences (CAPS) program at UBC Vancouver. I am also the Managing Director for Scholarly Writing and Publication at STEM Fellowship, a Canadian federal non-profit organization that has a presence on 10 campuses, while heading the editorial board for the Canadian Science Publishing STEM Fellowship Journal. I am the only Vancouver ambassador for ORCID and Altemtric, two important organizations in the field of scholarly communication. I serve on the national Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) for the Canadian Red Cross and as the ambassador program chair for the Gene Researcher for a Week (GRFAW). On campus, I am the treasurer for the UBC Thaqalayn Muslim Association (TMA) and an editor for the UBC based Canadian Journal for Undergraduate Research (CJUR. I am also the advisor for a Silicon Valley based start-up while being an active student researcher.

 In my various leadership capacities, I have networked with diverse groups of UBC and non-UBC students as well as establishing contacts with university administrators to support student initiatives. My experience as a student assistant at the UBC Biomedical Branch Library and as an ambassador for ORCID (which recently held a join workshop with the UBC library) has provided valuable insight. I am confident in my ability to serve an impactful role on the committee and provide the student voice for the process of selecting the next UBC Librarian.

Irene Lin

It is critical that UBC maintain the contemporary and engaging resource that is the university library. As an English Literature major I thoroughly understand the importance of sustaining this bedrock of wisdom. I have also had the pleasure of volunteering at a church library. Through that I grasped the passion and effort that goes into presenting shelves full of useful books and media. It is absolutely brilliant that the IKBLC is now in possession of The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer by William Morris. Another pleasant happening is revisiting my childhood in the stacks at the Education Library. While the UBC Library has clearly demonstrated aptitude in producing a wonderful collection of the past and present, I want to see the next University Librarian assemble resources of the future. The next University Librarian should be familiar enough with the Digital Culture to exploit it for all its educational power. For example, video games are an efficient medium for conveying striking storytelling. Just as stories from the fantastic subgenre invite the reader to become a scriptor, so too can a video game encourage unique authorship. In supplying services & programs and books & media that enlighten individuals on the subcultures of new media, a richer scholarly community is formed. By obtaining additional materials that mix the past, present, and future, the horizon of the library’s collections will be inconceivable. As a potential-member of the Committee, I would bring this awareness to the search and selection.

Samantha So

I am currently in my 5th year at UBC, and I believe that my time as a student on this campus will reflect the perspectives that I can bring to the committee. It has also allowed me the opportunity to learn enormously about the University and what it will need in the next University Librarian.

Having been an active participant in student advocacy in my years here at UBC – serving currently as the AMS VP Academic & University Affairs and as a Senator on the UBC Vancouver Senate – I believe that I am a strong candidate for a student seat on the search committee for the next University Librarian.

I have been a part of numerous student communities in addition to my advocacy work, and have always worked to consult and liaise with student populations I am not a part of – for example, close collaboration with graduate students from the GSS in my role as VP Academic  of the AMS.

In addition, both currently, and prior to my role as VP Academic, I have been a strong advocate for Open Educational Resources and I hope to ensure the next University Librarian will similarly see the pedagogical and affordability-related merits of facilitating the use of open resources on our campus through its libraries.



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