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All professional Librarians assigned to libraries at the Vancouver Campus are eligible to be nominated, nominate candidates, and vote.


Please follow the instructions below carefully.  Be aware that the WebVote system does NOT use the CWL login.  To access the system, you will need to follow the steps set out below:

1)            Click here to go to the WebVote System

2)            Click on “Cast Vote”

3)            Click on “Vote” next to “2017 Professional Librarian Representative to the Vancouver Senate”

4)            Enter your User ID:  This is your 7-digit UBC Employee ID number*
                *this can be found on your UBCID card or paystub

5)            Enter your six-digit password: This is your date of birth in format YYMMDD

6)            Vote for your preferred candidate by clicking on the box next to the candidate's name

7)            Click on “Submit Vote” then click “ok” to confirm your submission

Polls will close at4:00 pm on Tuesday, April 25th, 2017.


Kevin Madill

Of the many challenges facing academic libraries today, two are particularly salient: (1) maintaining adequate funding in a period of growth and (2) managing organizational change. While each challenge presents hurdles to overcome, each challenge opens doors to new opportunities.

Today’s harsh economic climate forces scholarly research institutions to compete with each other for financial support. Creative and dynamic research libraries, librarians, and library administrators can build and expand financial support by advocating across new constituencies, deepening community trust by affirming accountability and increasing the visibility of service successes, strengthening outreach and collaborative relations with other organizations by sharing funding and innovative solutions expertise, and confirming institutional relevancy by bringing forward personal narratives telling how scholarly research libraries have mattered to the individual.

The pressing demand to do more with less and to keep up with the swift pace of technological innovation places research libraries in a state of intense organizational change. The challenge of managing organizational change for library patrons and staff requires strong leadership. Such leadership must facilitate open communication, be sensitive to the consequences of change, and offer clear vision. In response, opportunities arise through supporting staff education, investing in leadership development, finding inspiration through diversity, sustaining professionalism, and being mindful of retention and recruitment issues.

I seek appointment as UBC Professional Librarian Senator (Vancouver) to provide a clear voice across the institution on these and other important issues.

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George Tsiakos 

The Library plays an integral role in UBC’s overall growth, evolution, and success as an institution of higher learning. I am honoured to have been put forth as a nominee for Professional Librarian Senator (Vancouver), and seek your support and vote. The University of British Columbia has been the centre of my professional and academic life for the past twenty years, from undergraduate through postgraduate years to my current appointment as Instruction Librarian and Acting-Head of the Law Library. During this time, I have developed a diverse and unique skillset, and I would welcome the opportunity to commit my time and energy in service of the University.

My experience as a student, instructor, librarian, and administrator has provided me with a broad perspective of UBC that I believe will inform my service to the Senate. I am strongly committed to enhancing the student learning experience and overall governance of the University. I believe that my background would serve me well in this regard and I am excited about making a significant contribution to the Senate to further the research and educational missions of UBC as it continues to plan its future. I would be honoured to represent my professional librarian colleagues on the Senate.

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