Last update: January 19, 2018

The Centre for Community Engaged provides its community partners with resources to aid them in building relationships with students and facilitating successful projects. 


Resources on Becoming a Community-Based Experiential Learning Community Partner


Stay Connected and Connect to UBC Resources and Knowledge

  • Take our Evaluation Workshop Series

Are you interested in applying evaluation approaches to learn more about a specific program or service you provide? Would you like to build the capacity of your organization to create an evaluation plan? The Centre delivers an evaluation workshop series 3 times per year to support our community partners to do this. Each series consists of 3 half day workshops typically offered over a 3 month period.

The of the series are:

  • Identify and create one good evaluation question for your organization

  • Create a plan of action for answering the evaluation question including what’s needed for analysis

  • Develop a set of action items for carrying out the evaluation plan

Eligible participants must be able to focus in on one program (broader questions such as “what is the impact of my organization?” are too large for this series); be able to commit to all 3 sessions (9 hours in-session time total) and 7 to 10 hours of homework; be prepared to implement the evaluation plan.

If you are interested in learning more about the next series, please contact us.

  • Look out for other Workshops Series

We are always exploring new topics for community partner workshops. Please check back regularly or email us if you have a suggested topic.

  • Access information and knowledge from the UBC Library System

Often community organizations and members are curious about the latest research or literature on a topic of issue they are working on. In partnership with the Irving K Barber Learning Centre, the Centre for Community Engaged Learning has compiled some resources and tips to support community organizations in navigating the library system to find the information you are looking for. Click here.


Accessing UBC Library Information: Key Steps

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