Last update: February 3, 2020

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Evaluating transfer credits

Do you advise students about transferring credit from their Exchange? 

Students on Senate approved Exchange programs receive credit for all academic courses successfully completed while on Exchange. We advise students to map out their degree and consider faculty-specific information prior to applying to any credit-bearing programs. 

It is the student's responsibility to select appropriate courses so that their transfer credit meets their degree requirements. We work in partnership with faculties to determine what is best for our students in achieving their goals.

Ultimately, the decision about what credit a student will receive is at the discretion of the student’s faculty. All students complete Course Request Forms through the Transfer Credit Portal as part of their Exchange process and these are used to evaluate each partner university course.

Record of transfer credit 

Grades assigned at host universities do not appear on UBC transcripts. Instead, a student's transcript states that they participated in a Go Global program and lists their host institution and the total credit transferred as well as the specific transfer credit received.  

We strongly advise students to obtain extra copies of transcripts from their host institutions while they are attending; these may be critical for future applications to graduate studies and professional programs.

Pre-approving transfer credit

Meeting degree requirements

When exchange credit is evaluated, it can be assigned as specific course credit (e.g., BIOL300), unassigned department credit (e.g., POLI second-year), or unassigned faculty credit (e.g., Arts third-year). Students are asked to meet with their program advisors to determine how their exchange transfer credits can be used towards meeting specific graduation requirements.

Credit equivalencies

Credit equivalencies are determined by the Registrar's Office in collaboration with Go Global. As a general guideline, a full course load at the host university transfers as a full course load at UBC. UBC credits are based on semester hours of scheduled class time. If the educational system is very different in the host country and the student encounters difficulty registering in the required number of hours of class time, they should contact Go Global immediately.

Information about credit equivalencies can be found on our individual partner pages.

Any questions regarding credit equivalencies should be directed to

Course Request Form
  • Prior to exchange (or on arrival at their partner university), students are required to log in to the Transfer Credit Portal to submit a Course Request Form (CRF) and detailed course description for each course they plan to complete during their term(s) abroad.
  • This package is then distributed to the appropriate advisor who evaluates each request for specific or unassigned credit.
  • Once a course has been evaluated, advisors must email the student with the results of the evaluation (conditional on successfully completing each course).

It is not uncommon for students to have to make adjustments to their study plans once they have arrived at their host universities. Students may also find there is not sufficient information available on their course selection prior to their departure. To accommodate these circumstances, students may submit their CRFs upon arrival. They are required to keep their faculty and Go Global informed of any changes and to ensure that they still meet their degree requirements at UBC.

Course levels

Course levels are determined by comparing a partner university's degree structure to UBC's. For example, UK degrees are typically three-year programs that correspond with the second, third, and fourth years of UBC degrees. Course level information can be found in the CRF.


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