Last update: May 18, 2018

Gateway is a web-based learning abroad management system designed to support student learning abroad experiences. 

Who uses Gateway? 

UBC staff and faculty who are involved in the delivery and administration of learning abroad programs through Go Global (Exchange and Group study Programs) and programs managed by some UBC faculties.

Access Gateway

If you already have access, you can log-in directly.

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Request Access to Gateway

If you would like administrative access to Gateway, you can request access, and or direct questions to Laurinda Tracey.

Core features of Gateway

Automated Application Processing

Admission and selection of students to UBC international learning programs offered by Go Global and programs managed by some UBC Faculties. Gateway provides students with a one-stop shop approach to managing their learning abroad applications as well as any related scholarship and award applications.

Communication Tools

Automatic and individual messaging options to communicate with students throughout their application and preparation for their learning abroad experience.


Gateway offers capacity to report on international learning activity via UBC partners offered through Go Global and programs managed by some UBC Faculties. Examples of reports include activity by faculty, by partner university and/or by country.

Partner Management

Gateway offers a record system for managing information related to UBC mobility partners whether institutions abroad or community partners.

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