Last update: February 21, 2020

This is an election to fill the one (1) position on the Board of Governors for a student representative on the Okanagan campus for a one-year term ending March 31, 2021. All students of the Okanagan campus are eligible to vote in this election.

To Vote

  1. Go to your SSC and find "WebVote" under the "Grades and Records" menu
  2. Click “Vote” next to “2020 Okanagan Student Board of Governors Representative"
  3. Vote for your preferred candidate by clicking on the box next to the candidate’s name
  4. Click on “Submit Vote” then click “ok” to confirm your submission before logging out

Polls will be open via WebVote from the morning of Monday, February 24, 2020 until 4:00pm on Friday, March 6, 2020.

Candidate Information

Keyvan Khadem

We the engineering students at UBCO have had ample opportunities in the past few weeks to analyze the aims and objectives of the various competitors in the upcoming election. Mr. Khadem's honest and practical approach sets him apart from the other candidates. He has shown great concern for the students and their thirst for knowledge and their advancement in this institution, and his willingness to listen to students' problems is commendable. We are writing today to show our support for his campaign for 2020 election. It is our intention to vote for him and support him through his journey before and after the election. We will also spread the word about his abilities and competence. We are confident that through his service to UBCO he can assist this institution to progress every day.

Quinn Krahn

I am proud that I cut my own hair and that I use a flip phone. Doing these things may seem insignificant but for me they are milestones in my journey toward achieving self-efficacy and intentionality. Prompting and pursuing these traits cradles my desire to run for student representative. Through my university experience I have struggled with my identity and my worth. I have had to work hard to achieve the grades I’ve gotten, and I have had to work harder to find and maintain a social cohort that supports and motivates me. My intention is that I will not be considered for this position because of my qualifications/achievements. Rather, I want to be considered because I believe I can represent the majority of students that have struggled and will struggle to find meaning and purpose in their education. I want to represent my peers as a student that cuts his own hair because it reminds him that he is capable; that uses a flip phone because it reminds him that he can be intentional. I am fascinated with all faculties and am driven in my own personal pursuits to promote mental health in the future. I have had experiences that would make me successful still, these ambitions don’t make me a good candidate. What does, is my ability to understand and empathize with the needs of my peers. I have worked hard to become an efficacious and intentional person; I hope I can make it easier for others.

Jassim Naqvi

Hello everyone! My name is Jassim Naqvi and I am the current UBC Board of Governors Student representative for UBC Okanagan. I have been a Senator-at-Large for the Okanagan campus for the past two years and have worked closely with the UBCSUO and the UBC Okanagan administration on a vast number of student-related and governance-related items.

The Board of Governors (BoG) are UBC’s highest non-academic governing body. BoG deals with the financial operations of UBC as well as internal administrative operations (more at Some of my key highlights in 2019-2020 included being meticulously involved in our DVC Appointment Advisory Committee, assisted in bringing in $4M to UBCO to support indigenous and graduate students, and raised urgent concerns regarding the acute UBC Okanagan academic space shortfall to name a few.

UBC Okanagan faces an unprecedented time of severe shortfalls in student funding, academic space and student resources compared to UBCV. At this moment, my institutional memory, strong working relationships and deep understanding of UBC Policy and Governance allows me to keep the voice for our campus raised effectively in a time where we absolutely need it. Having successfully hit my core sustainability, communication and student legacy targets as campaigned for last year (Let’s chat about them on Messenger or email me at!), I see it as my responsibility to further advance the needs, priorities and interests of UBC Okanagan students.

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Contact if you have any questions or if you experience difficulty voting.