Last update: April 4, 2024

If you have immediate safety concerns 

Reach out for immediate help if you or someone else is in danger, or at risk of harming themselves or others.

Resources for UBC Okanagan faculty and staff

UBC Okanagan has a different process for assisting students in distress. Faculty and staff are recommended to consult the list of support options for students on the UBC Okanagan website.

Understanding the challenges students experience

As students navigate their university experience, they may be balancing multiple commitments and priorities. It's important to consider various factors that may be contributing to challenges in their academic journey.

Having a conversation with a student in distress

Before you reach out to a student you are concerned about, review the guide to help you prepare for your conversation.

Student support resources

When you're ready to connect a student to help, see the list of support options available depending on the situation.

Download the Green, Blue or SVPRO folders

Get printable guides to helping students in distress:

Vancouver campus green folder (March 2024)
Supporting Students in Distress (11 pages, 8.5 x 11")

Okanagan campus blue folder (Aug 2022)
Supporting students as they return to campus (6 pages, 8.5 x 11")

Vancouver campus SVPRO folder
Supporting Survivors of Sexual Violence (11 x 17" tabloid, double-sided)

Okanagan campus SVPRO folder
Supporting Survivors of Sexual Violence (11 x 17" tabloid, double-sided)

If you have questions or comments

For questions about concerns or student conduct not addressed in the guide, contact the Office of the Vice-President, Students at or call (604) 822-3644.

Resources for faculty and staff

After helping a student in distress, it is important for faculty and staff to take care of their own wellbeing. Explore resources offered by the University to support you through challenging times.

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