Last update: November 21, 2019

I am honoured to be nominated to sit on the Board of Governors. As a non-academic employee at the University of British Columbia since 2005, my experiences at UBC span several departments, granting me a unique perspective on the complex issues inherent to an academic environment with teams belonging to a variety of appointments and classifications. I believe in equity, and in amplifying the voices of those who are less frequently heard, whether that's in a lab meeting or community conversation. In addition to the empathetic aspects of my work, part of my role with both of my current positions is to ensure financial and risk management compliance, as well as identifying potential risks and negative implications to these policies.

I pride myself on ensuring that financial and safety compliance and best practices are met by stakeholders through understanding how they benefits the individuals and the whole in the long run. I work at the intersection of finance, operations, and student support, and I look forward to contributing to ensuring equity and diversity programs are mandated and to reducing barriers to resolving issues of harassment and bullying.

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