Last update: July 7, 2023

The following sessions are designed for staff, faculty, and teaching assistants. They are intended to build knowledge and skills that can enhance your ability to support student wellbeing. Adding health and wellness aspects to your role can be enriching, valuable and provide support to the UBC community.

Booking a Workshop

  • Explore the workshop catalogue below to see what is currently available and which workshops will meet your needs.

  • If you are looking for workshops about health and wellbeing for student audiences, you can find our offerings here

  • Fill out the request form to book a workshop. Please book your workshop a minimum of 3 weeks before the date you'd like to have the workshop, to allow for booking processes. Workshops are subject to staff availability and scheduling conflicts.

The workshops listed are all available via Zoom or in person. For more information on what sessions are available and will fit your needs, please explore the catalogue below.

Assisting Students in Distress

Time: 45 minutes

Audience: Staff, Faculty, and TAs

Description: Helping students who experience academic and wellbeing challenges is often a part of our roles.  The Green Folder provides a concise and helpful way to quickly assess the urgency and type of students concerns, and refer them to the correct supports. 

Early Alert Orientation (All staff, faculty and TAs)

Time: 50 minutes

Audience: Staff, Faculty, and TAs


UBC strives to build a caring community, in which we all reach out and offer support when we notice signs of difficulty in others. 

Early Alert helps facilitate this by helping staff, faculty and TA’s better support students who are facing difficulties that put their academic success at risk. This training is an introduction to the Early Alert program, and includes information about how to submit an Early Alert and how to access resources that will be useful when you are concerned about a student. This workshop is also offered regularly for the CTLT Institutes.

If you prefer to take the Early Alert online orientation you can do so without booking a synchronous session.

Early Alert for Advisors

Time: 2.5 hours

Audience: Student Advising and Support staff in Faculties & Specialize Student Support Offices


The Early Alert (EA) Program allows student advising and support staff to clearly understand a student concern, and organize the most efficient reach-out.  Using the online EA system can be made easy, and this session will help advisors and support staff to view the right information, and apply their expertise  to support a given student in the midst of academic and/or wellbeing challenges.  The session involves a combination of lecture, live demonstration, and hands-on practice.