Last update: May 15, 2018

Building a strong faculty-based governance culture at UBC will enable us to enhance the everyday lives of faculty members. The incoming president of Harvard (Larry Bacow) is saying to everyone, “So you get three wishes to make Harvard a better place and one can’t be more resources...”

I'd like to know your three wishes to make UBC a better place. Please email Darrin.lehman at

UBC's Board of Governors, in addition to its other duties, should prioritize improving the University towards the recruitment and especially retention of faculty, which will produce positive ripple effects on research impact, postdoctoral fellows’ and graduate/undergraduate students' success, institutional reputation, etc. UBC’s new Strategic Plan’s emphasis on inclusion and collaboration should be fully embodied by the Board.

Providing exceptional faculty support (e.g., meaningful housing assistance, mentoring/networking opportunities, increased research support, increased TA support, creating a Faculty Club, administrative excellence) is another way for UBC to be innovative in a worldwide competition for faculty talent.

If elected, I will convey to the Board important issues from the faculty’s point of view and help bring about positive change for the University with an emphasis on faculty. Those who know me well know that I have worked consistently to encourage reflection and discussion about myriad issues affecting UBC; I have helped many colleagues in their worklife at UBC; and I have contributed to making UBC stronger academically and more welcoming to diverse members of our academic community. Along with students, the faculty are the heart & soul of the University.

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