Last update: September 12, 2022

Prospective employers, academic institutions and other authorized third-parties:

  • Verify University of British Columbia degrees via the AuraData website, or call 1-416-406-0444 (local and international) or 1-877-580-2872 (AURA) (in North America)
  • To verify information relating to undergraduate medical education, contact:
  • To verify information relating to medical residencies contact:

Please note that degree verifications will not be completed without signed authorization from the individual whose records are being requested. Authorization forms are provided by AuraData during the degree verification process.

What is AuraData?

The University of British Columbia has partnered with AuraData, a Canadian company specializing in secure online education verification. AuraData provides fast and accurate educational verification to authorized users while adhering to Canadian Federal and Provincial privacy laws. Confidentiality is a priority for both UBC and AuraData; no information will be released without signed authorization from the individual.

Who should contact AuraData?

AuraData is a degree verification service for authorized third-parties. If you are a current or former student, or an alumni of UBC, visit Student Services online to learn how to access your student records or to order an official academic transcript.