Last update: September 12, 2022

The Graduation Department is responsible for the overall coordination of the University's graduating students. The unit coordinates the graduation application, degree conferral, and diploma printing.

Each year UBC Vancouver graduates approximately 9000 students in the spring, and 3000 students in the fall. We work closely with department coordinators, the Ceremonies and Events Office, and other relevant stakeholders.

This information is intended for Faculty and Staff.

Students should visit our student pages for graduation information

Graduation information | Undergraduate students

Graduation information | Graduate students

Ceremony information | All students

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Graduation Application periods

The graduation application will be available for students on SSC under the Graduation tab during the following application periods. A certificate or diploma will be issued by our office for those students who apply to graduate.  To view information provided to Students see Applying to Graduate.

Fall 2022 application period

Undergraduate, Graduate, certificate, and diploma programs 

  • June 15 - September 10, 2022
Spring 2023 application period

Undergraduate, Graduate, certificate, and diploma programs:

  • December 15, 2022 - February 25, 2023

Late Applications

November 2022 deadline - October 21, 2022
Spring 2023 deadline - April 1, 2023

Applications submitted after the deadline is considered a late application. The late application form is provided by the Graduation Department to the Faculties at the end of the application period.  Late applications received after the deadline will not be processed in time for conferral.

  • Undergraduate, certificate, and diploma program late applications - Must be approved by and emailed to the Graduation Department by the student's program advising office.
  • Graduate program late applications - Must be approved and submitted to the Graduation Department by the Faculty of Graduate and Post-Doctoral Studies.


November 2022 deadline - November 9, 2022
Spring 2023 deadline - May 10, 2023

Faculty program advising offices are required to review graduation applications to assess that students have completed their program requirements. Adjudication is completed on the Graduation Adjudication tab in SISC.

Graduation Search

Use the Student: Graduation search in SISC to find graduation applications that have been submitted by students for your faculty or department. 

  • Search by Ceremony Date - Refers to all applications for either the May or November period (including rolling graduation), i.e. a search for 202205 will include all graduation applications with conferral dates in both February and May.
  • Search by Porgram - To filter or search for specific degrees. 

Adjudication tab

To adjudicate a student, select the 'Update' button on the bottom of the adjudication tab in SISC. You will need to update the following fields:

  • Application Status
  • Status Reason (only for not approved students, optional)
  • Degree Average (if applicable)
  • Degree Standing (if applicable)

Remember to press the 'Save' button when you have finished updating the required fields.

Faculty advising offices are reminded to also check the following fields: 

  • Program Version
  • Specializations
  • Distinctions
  • Student Names - request for corrections can be sent to the Enrolment Service Advisor

Senate Meeting

November 2022 Senate Meeting - November 16, 2022
Spring 2023 Senate Meeting - May 17, 2023

The UBC Senate formally approves all graduation applicants.

Credentials are conferred by the Graduation Department on SISC the following day.