Last update: October 12, 2023

The University's Enterprise Data Governance (EDG) team has a new process for any Data Requests. This process will help protect UBC communities' data by evaluating and cataloging the use of data that UBC maintains. The appropriate Data Steward will review your request and refer it to the appropriate group for fulfilment once approved.

For detailed information on accessing UBC data and submitting a Data Access Request, please visit the Office of the CIO site:


UBC's Data Governance Program manages access to institutional data. Institutional data may be required to support UBC administrative functions, for scholarly research or for other purposes consistent with UBC's mandate. For detailed information on accessing UBC data and data governance, please visit the Office of the CIO site.

There are two types of Data Requests:

  • Data Access Requests (DARs)
    • Requesting approval for data as discrete extracts (recurring or one-time requests)
  • Application Programming Interface Requests (API Requests)
    • Requesting approval for continuous and direct connections to a system 

How to Submit a Request

Data Access Requests (DARs) and Application Programming Interface Requests (API Requests) can be submitted here.

Additional steps for a recurring DAR:

  • Once a recurring DAR has been approved, you will be provided with a DAR ticket number. Please retain this number.
  • Future data access requests can be submitted through a general Service Now request by referencing the original DAR ticket number.
  • Please note, DAR and Service Now ticket numbers are the same format (INC1234567). Please include the original DAR ticket number (not the previous Service Now ticket number) with your request.


The Student Systems Management Team provides consultation to assist with DAR and API Requests.

If you would like any consultation on your data request please reach out to the Student Systems team using the contact information below.

Contact information