Last update: April 23, 2020

The Student Information System (SIS) is a collection of systems that manage student academic, financial, scheduling, and course information.

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SIS Systems

System User Function
Student Information Service Centre (SISC) Administrators The SISC houses records on academic standing, awards, admissions, course information, and communications. Use the SISC to perform advising and administrative functions related to students.
Faculty Service Centre (FSC) Instructors, Teaching Assistants (TAs), and Administrators Use the FSC to access class lists, enter grades, and email students in specific courses.
Scheduling and Curriculum Management Centre (SCMC) Administrators Use the SCMC for course scheduling and curriculum management.

Student Information System (SIS) Security

Everyone who accesses the SIS must comply with FIPPA and UBC Policies. The sharing of access is prohibited and managers must inform SIS Security when access is no longer required.

Read more on the SIS Data Security page.

Accessing SIS Systems

Find out how to request access to the SIS

Instructors and Teaching Assistants: Go to the Faculty Service Centre page to request access to the Faculty Service Centre (FSC)

Non-instructional staff and non-UBC employees: Go to the Request SIS Access page to request access to the Student Information Service Centre (SISC), Faculty Service Centre (FSC), and Scheduling and Curriculum Management Centre (SCMC).