Last update: October 28, 2021

Learn more about transfer credits at UBC including how transfer credit is granted, how to view transfer credits, transfer credit articulation and links to additional resources.

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How Transfer Credit is Granted

Transfer credit is granted during Admission, with a Letter of Permission, and in connection with a Go Global exchange.


As part of the evaluation for admission to an undergraduate degree program, previous education is assessed for eligible transfer credit by the UBC Admissions Office. Learn more.

Letter of Permission

Students wishing to complete a course at another institution and transfer their credit back to their studies at UBC must receive permission from their program or faculty in order to guarantee transfer credit. Learn more.

Go Global exchange

Courses completed while on exchange at one of UBC’s  Senate-approved partner universities are transferred back to the student’s UBC academic record. Learn more.

Viewing Transfer Credits

All transfer credits are posted to a student’s SISC record by Enrolment Services. They are viewable on the Transfer Credit tab on the SISC (for staff) and display on the Student Service Centre (SSC) (for students) under Grades & Records.

Transfer Credit Articulation

Transfer credit articulation refers to the formal process of determining if course work offered at another institution is eligible for transfer credit.  Undergraduate Admissions maintains a database of courses from other institutions that have previously been assessed for transfer credit.  This database is searchable on the Student Information Service Centre (SISC).

If a course is not recorded in the database, Undergraduate Admissions evaluates eligibility and grants unassigned credit at the point of admission.  When a specific UBC course equivalent is sought, the appropriate UBC department or faculty is consulted in order to establish an articulation.

Courses completed at other institutions in the BC Transfer System are reviewed by faculty members and decisions are published in the online BC Transfer Guide.

Students participating in a Go Global exchange program will request a transfer credit evaluation for courses that they intend to complete at a partner university in order to ensure that the courses can be applied to their degree requirements.  Read the Go Global Transfer Credit FAQs to learn more.