Last update: October 12, 2023

Supporting student learning and success is a priority for UBC.

Submit an Early Alert concern

If you're a faculty or staff member, log in to complete an Early Alert concern.

What is Early Alert?

Early Alert allows faculty, staff, and TAs to identify their concerns about students sooner and in a more coordinated way.

  • Provides support for all students
  • Allows for earlier support before difficulties become overwhelming
  • Results in less time and fewer resources needed for students to recover
  • Collects concerns from different sources across campus
  • Allows for a better understanding of individual student needs
  • Provides appropriate support in a coordinated way
  • Protects student privacy using a secure system
  • Is not connected to the student’s academic record

If you're a faculty, teaching assistant, or staff, you can complete Early Alert training online.

How does Early Alert work?

  1. Faculty, staff, or TAs notice a student is facing difficulties and identify their concerns using Early Alert.
  2. Managers, Student Support Services review all concerns submitted to ensure the student has been referred to the appropriate resource.
  3. If the need for additional referral(s) is identified, an advisor will reach out and offer to connect the student to resources and supports.
  4. 92% of students respond positively to the invitation to meet with an advisor.

Submit an Early Alert

Helping a survivor of sexual assault

Early Alert is not a reporting mechanism for sexual assault, and identifying a sexual assault through Early Alert could compromise a student’s right to privacy and create further stigma.

Sexual assault is a unique and complex experience. The University has and continues to implement a survivor-centered approach that strives to empower a survivor to make their own choices about who they may disclose to, and their decisions to access support services or file a report. Please refer to UBC SVPRO for accessing services, university policies, responding to disclosures, and sexual assault prevention resources specific to UBC faculty and staff.

If you submit an Early Alert, please focus on any indicators (behaviors) of the concern without identifying the underlying reason (sexual assault) for the concern. This ensures that the student retains the choice as to how much information they wish to disclose and to whom. You can also connect the student directly to the Student Support Services Managers who oversee the early alerts.