Last update: January 27, 2020

Supporting student learning and success is a priority for UBC.

Early Alert helps achieve this goal by helping faculty, staff and TA’s provide better support for students who are facing difficulties that put their academic success at risk.


Earlier support to get back on track.

With Early Alert, faculty, staff and TA’s can identify their concerns about students sooner and in a more coordinated way. This gives students the earliest possible connection to the right resources and support, before difficulties become overwhelming.

What does it mean to be “on track”?

Being “on track” doesn’t mean always getting straight “A”s or never having a bad day. Instead, it means maintaining a healthy sense of wellbeing, effectively managing life’s challenges, achieving academic and personal goals, and working towards your full potential.

What does it mean to be “alert”?

​Being alert means:

  • Being aware of our own wellbeing and the wellbeing of others, which includes managing academic, work, financial, and personal demands.
  • Taking active steps to support our wellbeing, and reaching out to others when they need assistance.
  • Our community is empowered to help through resources, services and tools like Early Alert.

By being alert we can help ensure our own success and the success of others in our community.

How Early Alert works

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