Last update: April 29, 2024

Refer to this page to request access to the Student Information Service Centre (SISC), Faculty Service Centre (FSC) and Scheduling and Curriculum Management Centre (SCMC), or to update existing access. 

This page provides information on how to request non-instructional SIS access, non-Production SIS access and technical SIS access. This type of access may be required by staff and faculty involved in advising or administrative roles and IT staff. Instructors and teaching assistants requiring only FSC access can visit the Faculty Service Centre page for instructions.

On this page:

SIS Access and Use

The SISC, FSC and SCMC are used by staff and faculty whose role involves student and course information, for example: advising; admissions; awards; curriculum management; enrolment and registration; learner financial management; graduation; scheduling; and program planning and progression. Please note that access to the SISC, FSC, and SCMC should be for 2024 Summer session only. 

Staff and faculty commonly requiring access include: 

  • Faculty & Department Advisors
  • Graduate Student Advisors
  • Faculty and Department Administrators
  • Timetable Representatives

Log in to the SISC, FSC or SCMC (for 2024S only)

How to Submit a Request

Follow the steps below to request access to SIS:

For Workday Student access requests (for 2024 Winter session onwards), please contact the ISC using the Self Service Portal and follow the prompts. Once the access request is received, your access to the Classic SIS will be best matched to what was approved for your Workday Student access.  

Non-Production and Technical SIS Access 

If you are requesting access to non-Production SIS environments and/or technical access to the Student Information System (SIS) database, please follow the steps below. If you are requesting access to non-Production SIS environments and/or technical access you are not required to fill out the SIS Access Form and Terms of Use in step 2. If you are a faculty or staff member requiring non-instructional SIS access and you have already filled out the SIS Access Form and Terms of Use, you are not required to fill out the SIS Special Access Form in this step.

  • Download form:
  • Complete and sign form. Please note, both electronic and ink signatures are acceptable. If you are having issues filling out and signing the pdf form, please ensure that it is opened with Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader, alternatively, you can download the Word version of the form.
  • Email the completed and signed form to
  • A ticket will be created automatically once the form has been emailed to the Student Systems Management Team (SIS Security), and notify you when access has been provisioned.
  • Please Note:
    • Before submitting an access request, verify your employment status with UBC Human Resources. SIS access can only be provisioned if you have an active appointment. 
    • Approval from your Department/Unit Head is required. Update: We are now accepting email approvals if a signature cannot be obtained.
    • If you are a non-UBC employee (example: you are a contractor and to not have a UBC Employee #), additional forms are required. See step 3 for details. 
    • Keep a copy of this form for your department's records for two years after the employee has left.
  • Removing access does not require a signed form. Please email with the name of the user who no longer requires access.
Additional Forms for Non-UBC Employees

In addition to the form found in step 2, non-UBC employees are required to complete a Security and Confidentiality Agreement (SACA) form. 

There are two types of SACA forms:

  • Supplementary Agreement: generally used when there is an existing agreement between a contractor and UBC
  • Stand-Alone Agreement: generally used when there is no other agreement between an individual or organization and UBC

For more information on and to access these forms, visit the University Counsel Website

Review Information and Data Security Policies
  • In order to protect the privacy and confidentiality of students’ personal information, you will only be provisioned access to the information and functions required for your work.
  • You are responsible for accessing only the functions and information required for your role.
  • Everyone who accesses the SIS must comply with FIPPA and UBC Policies.
  • Sharing SIS access is prohibited.
  • Managers must inform SIS Security when:
    • Access is no longer required
    • An employee’s role or duties change, changing their access needs 
    • An employee is no longer within your unit
    • An employee is on leave
  • Read more on the SIS Data Security page.

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