Last update: October 12, 2023

Student Financial Services works closely with the Development Office to steward donor relations, ensure that awards are administered in a manner that upholds the donors’ intentions and spirit, and award and disburse funds to students in a timely manner.

Ways to give

Student Financial Services is responsible for the ongoing administration of  awards once they have been established and approved by UBC Senate.

While our office doesn't deal directly with donors or donations, the UBC Development Office has a comprehensive list of ways to give.

When do students receive their awards?

Scholarships and awards

These are generally awarded starting in late August for the upcoming academic year, and continue to be assigned throughout the academic year. We communicate closely with our faculty partners to make sure unassigned awards can be awarded to an outstanding, deserving student in a timely manner.

Bursaries and need-based awards

Bursaries and need-based awards handled by SFS are awarded to students in early December, after we complete the bursary program adjudication.

If we cannot find an eligible student in the bursary pool, we will work to find an eligible, deserving student over the remainder of the academic year as we continue to advise and work with students in financial need through our one-on-one advising appointments.

Year-end awards, prizes, and graduating awards

These awards are given to students at the end of the Winter Session, normally in late May and early June.