Last update: May 23, 2023

The pursuit of a degree is a meaningful experience for students, ripe with moments to learn about who they are, what matters to them, and how they want to contribute to the world.

Each day in class, students are enhancing their personal and professional development by focusing their attention towards new ideas, skills, or approaches to their academic discipline.

As an educator, you can further their personal and professional growth.

The Centre for Student Involvement and Careers partners with instructors to help deepen the career learning that is embedded within the discipline and focus of a class or subject.


Through Career in Courses, we:

  • Improve access to career development activities for students who do not chose to attend workshops, events, or seek out advising services.
  • Illustrate and strengthen career development outcomes within academic courses through partnership with instructors.

Partnerships with instructors helps to illustrate the personal and professional learning that exists as part of a student’s academic journey. It also amplifies the places and ways in which students are asked to think about themselves, their experiences, their networks, and the impact their discipline has on the way they see the world.


What do we offer?

  • Review a syllabus to identify employable skills
  • Source guest speakers (alumni and employers)
  • Adapt or customize an existing resource
  • Facilitate a workshop or brief lecturette in a class
  • Create toolkits of career activities for your class


What topics can we address?

  • Identity development. For example: identifying personal strengths or values, designing one's life or degree experience
  • Experiences. For example: identifying and articulating transferrable skills or developing workplace competencies (communication, team work, etc.)
  • Networks. For example: building relationships with alumni and/or employers.
  • Tools and resources. For example: resume, interviews, job search strategies, graduate school applications.


How do you get started?

Submit a brief request or email Kimberley Rawes, Career Educator, for more information.