Last update: November 3, 2021


Workplace Health Services supports the accommodation process for UBC faculty and staff members with an injury, illness or disability. 

Referrals to the Workplace Health Services can be made by staff and faculty members, their managers, directors, deans as well as human resources or unions/professional associations. 

Parking on campus

UBC provides parking provisions for current faculty and staff who have disabilities limiting their mobility. Because the functional impact of a disability varies from person to person, there are different parking provisions.

Priority parking

Assigned spots near a building are provided only when faculty, staff, and students are able to demonstrate an inability to walk or use a wheelchair from a regular parking lot. Wheelchair-accessible parking stalls in parkades and open lots are available if you have a SPARC decal. Parking rates are not adjusted. For information on the SPARC decal, visit the SPARC website or call 604.718.7744.

Disabled stalls at parking meters are available only if you have a SPARC decal. You must still pay the meter, as indicated. Check with UBC Parking & Access Control Services for meter rates.

Priority parking requests for staff and faculty
  1. Contact Workplace Health Services to discuss your parking needs.
  2. You may be asked to provide supporting medical documentaion that describes the functional impact of your disability. It must also address the duraction of the disability. 
  3. Upon review of the information, Workplace Health Services will coordinate with UBC Parking & Access Control Services. 
  4. Go to UBC Parking & Access Control Services to obtain a permit and/or your assigned parking stall. UBC Parking & Access Control Services requires you to provide your driver's license, proof of car registration, and insurance papers.