Last update: August 31, 2021

The Centre for Accessibility hires student assistants throughout the year. As a student assistant, you will work directly with students with disabilities in a variety ways. Most jobs take place on UBC’s Vancouver campus.

If you have questions about your student assistant position, email

Job descriptions

Training for the following positions is provided once you are hired. Various positions are available during each academic year. They may include the following:

Alternate format production assistant

As a production assistant, your duties will include e-text editing, sending completed files to clients, keeping track of your hours worked, and returning print originals to Crane Production.

Exam assistants

During the formal exam periods (December and April), you will deliver exam material to department offices across campus or between the Exam Centre and the Centre for Accessibility office.

Exam invigilators

You will supervise exams for students with disabilities. Your duties will include preparing and monitoring exams, setting up adaptive and computer equipment, conducting security checks, and keeping accurate records. Exam invigilator positions are only open to registered UBC graduate students who are not currently taking courses with exams.

Library access assistant

You will be matched with a student who has a disability. Your duties may include photocopying and retrieving books for students who cannot access library shelves, catalogues, periodical indices, or other research material. Additional duties may include assisting with literature searches and scribing library information for the students. Work is performed at the UBC Libraries.

Mobility assistant

You will be matched with a student who has a disability. Your duties will include meeting the student before or after their class and guiding them to other locations on campus. You may also assist the student at other times outside of class time to help them take part in the full post-secondary experience.


Notetakers are responsible for providing course notes to a student who has a disability. These will be provided within 48 hours of each class by uploading your notes to a central website. Available notetaker jobs are advertised by emailing students in those particular classes and on the UBC Careers Online Website.


You will assist students who have disabilities with their exams. Your duties will include writing or typing material that is being dictated by the student. Excellent typing skills (50 words per minute) and computer experience are required.

Peer tutor

You will be trained in the Strategic Content Learning model of tutoring. Your duties will consist of tutoring individual students on a weekly basis. Excellent study skills and knowledge in the subject area are required (i.e. you have taken the course and/or are majoring in the subject area). Preference will be given to students in their third year or higher.


Wages and hours

Student assistant wages range from $14.60 - $25.00 per hour. Notetakers are paid by term. As a student assistant, you can only work the hours assigned to you by the Centre for Accessibility. You may not work more than 12 hours per week. Student assistant jobs are advertised on UBC CareersOnline or by directly emailing students registered in particular courses.


Training opportunities and resources are provided for all student assistant positions. Training opportunities may involve job shadowing, attending a workshop, or reviewing printed material. Detailed information about training opportunities will be provided once you are hired.


Notetaker training (PDF)
Peer tutor training (PDF)

Alternate Format Production Assistant In-Basket Test

E-Text In-Basket - Instructions (PDF) 
E-Text In-Basket - Scanned Original (PDF) 
E-Text In-Basket - OCR Version (DOC)

How to apply

To apply for Student Assistant positions please go to UBC Careers Online. Select job/volunteer postings and search by the job title. Notetaking positions will be advertised by an email to your class if a notetaker is required. You must be registered in the course to apply for the position. You will be required to upload the following documents as part of your Student Assistant application:

  • Your resumé
  • An unofficial copy of your most recent transcript, which can be downloaded on the Student Service Centre
  • A cover letter
  • A sample of your class notes for the class indicated in the job posting (if applying for a notetaker position)
  • A copy of your timetable (not required for notetaking applications)

To be a Student Assistant employed by the Centre for Accessibility, you will need to:

  • Be a current UBC student
  • Have a Social Insurance Number (SIN)
  • Have a chequing account to set up direct deposit payments. If you do not have one you will have to create one in order to be hired.
  • Be eligible to work on campus.
  • Provide a copy of your study permit and SIN card if you are an international student.
  • Not be a full time UBC employee.

Visit the Service Canada website for more information on how to get a Social Insurance Number, or call 1.800.206.7218 to find the nearest location. Due to the large number of applications we receive each year, only successful applicants will be notified. Students are welcome to apply at any time for open positions.

Once you've been hired

Once you have submitted all the required paperwork, you will be required to fill out and submit a Personal Data Form to your Centre for Accessibility supervisor via email.

Personal Data Form (DOC) 

Notetakers will receive a 'Confirmation of Hire' email from the Centre for Accessibility. You must respond to the confirmation email before your position will be processed.


The name of a Centre for Accessibility client and all information pertaining to that client's disability are to be held in strictest confidence. In accordance with BC's Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, you must not give out any information about your clients to a third party.


Workday was launched on November 2, 2020 and replaces UBC’s HR and payroll systems. Student employees will be accessing workday to complete onboarding tasks such adding your direct deposit form, completing UBC training workshops, reviewing your pay stubs, and submitting your hours online if you are an hourly student employee.

Accessing Workday

You can access Workday through the IRP website. You will not need a VPN set up to access workday but you will need an active CWL account. If your log-in is not successful, you will need to connect with the Integrated Service Centre (ISC) at (604) 822-8200 or submit a ticket. They will probably ask for your Employee ID, which you can obtain by emailing

Getting Paid

All UBC employees are responsible for adding and updating their direct deposit information in Workday. Instructions on how to do this are available in Workday’s Knowledge Base job aid.

All employees at UBC will be paid on the 15th and the last day of the month. Paydays falling on holidays or weekends are moved to the preceding non-holiday day.

Notetakers do not need to submit hours on Workday, their pay rate is worked out at the beginning of each term depending on the number of credits. For example, a student notetaking in a 3 credit course would earn $337 for the term. Notetakers are also paid on the 15th and the last day of the month.

Hourly student employees (ie. invigilators, tutors, and alternate production assistants) submit their hours on workday. Your payday on the 15th will include hours worked from the 24th day of the previous month to the 8th day of the current month. Your end of the month pay will include hours worked from the 9th to the 23rd for the current month. Workday will send out notifications reminding you to submit your hours.

Resources on Workday

You can access self-training material on the UBC Workplace Learning Website. Helpful training courses for students are Workday Basics and Workday HR 101 for Hourly Staff and Student Employees.

The UBC Self Service Portal Workday Knowledge Base is also available if you have more questions. 

Ways to get help

The Integrated Service Centre is a university wide Workday help desk. They can help with problems logging in to Workday, basic payroll questions, and support using Workday. UBC Student Employees can phone them at (604) 822-8200 on Monday – Friday from 8:30am – 4:30pm. Workday support can also be accessed using the UBC Self-Service Portal.

Workday FAQs

1. How do I get my Employee ID number?

The Centre for Accessibility will email your Employee ID number to you once your paperwork has been processed. If you have not received it, please email

2. When do I get paid and what are the cutoff dates for submitting my hours for each pay period?

Please see the Payroll Calendar for the cutoff dates.

3. Can I correct my personal information on Workday if it’s incorrect?

Yes, you can correct your personal information on Workday. Please view the Workday Basics Training course for instructions.

4. If my pay is incorrect, who do I contact? 

You can contact the Integrated Service Centre at 604-822-8200. They will need your Employee ID. You can also submit a ticket through the Self-Service Portal. They can confirm that information in workday is correct (ie. hours or monthly payments) and can escalate your request to a payroll expert if needed.

5. How do you fill out the Federal Withholding Election section on Workday?

All UBC employees are required to fill out this tax form. The tuition section requires information for the full year. For example, if you are filling out the form in January 2021, you would indicate your tuition from January – April and estimate your summer and fall tuition.

Although the ISC personnel are not tax experts, they can provide some basic information to you if you have further questions. See contact information for the ISC.

6. How do I obtain my T4 for my 2020 UBC job?

You can access your T4 on the workday website in the Pay application under My Tax Documents.

7. Do I need to complete all the onboarding workshops in workday?

All UBC employees are required to complete these workshops, but if you are not currently working on campus, you do not need to complete the “Preventing COVID-19 Infection in the Workplace” workshop. You can view your completed workshops in the Personal Information application under Worker Documents (you may need to select “More”).