Last update: April 1, 2022

Thanks to the generosity of donors and faculties, UBC is able to offer many awards to undergraduate students.  Departments will help adjudicate/recommend over 900 awards annually.

"Awards" refers to awards, scholarships and bursaries.  All awards are funded by annual gift, endowment or department funds.  The availability of award varies year to year and Enrolment Services will communicate with departments on award funding availability four times a year.

For definition of the three award categories and a range of award related terminology, visit the Senate Regulations page.  We highly recommend reading the Senate Regulations page.

Recommended Awards FAQ

Recommended Award Cycles
Student Eligibility Check

Evaluating Student Need
CO-OP Students
Students in Exchange Abroad
Award Credit Requirement Exception
Graduating Awards
Awards for Graduate Level Students
How to Submit Recommendation

One-Time Awards from Department Funds
Award Funding Disbursement to Student


Recommended Award Cycles

There are two “cycles” per winter session for recommended awards: pre-academic session and post-academic session. 

  • Pre-academic session cycle refers to awards that are typically given out prior to or in the first few months of the winter session.  Adjudication is based on grades from the previous session (ie. 2019W award based on grades from 2018W).  Ideally, the awards are adjudicated prior to the tuition fee deadline of term 1.  

  • Post-academic session cycle awards are adjudicated upon completion of the current academic session.  Adjudication is based on grades from the current academic session (19W award based on grades from 19W).

Enrolment Services will notify departments per schedule below on the availability of awards and its budget.  Upon notification, the faculty’s scholarship committee is responsible for submitting recommendations to Enrolment Services for processing.

Notification Schedule for 21W:

  • Initial notification of pre-academic cycle awards: August 2021
  • First reminder of remaining pre-academic cycle award budgets: December 2021
  • Second reminder of remaining pre-academic cycle award budgets: February 2022
  • Initial notification of post-academic cycle awards: April 2022
  • Reminder of remaining budgets for all awards: June 2022
  • Final reminder of remaining budgets for all awards before award cycle is closed.  This includes awards for student graduating in November: December 2022

Student Eligibility Check

Link to Senate regulations on awards

Example of non-academic merits are leadership, community involvement, participation in varsity athletics, financial need etc.

If a recommended student does not follow Senate regulations, please indicate on the award recommendation form why this student should still receive the award as the best available candidate.

Students who do not meet the award eligibility criteria due to dropping courses or withdrawing from school may have their award reduced or cancelled, unless an academic appeal is granted.  Please have student contact their Enrolment Service Advisor (ESA) for further details on the academic appeal process.

Evaluating Student Need

Departments may choose to refer to Student Aid BC's moderate standard of living cost (MSOL) table when evaluating student's submitted financial need.  Note the MSOL table is different based on study period and dependent status.

CO-OP Students

Awards specifically for supporting student participating in CO-OP in current session (19W):

  • 100% of the award can be paid out during the CO-OP term. 
  • No credit or sessional average requirements

Awards not related to participation in CO-OP, but the recommended student will be on CO-OP in current session (19W):

  • Full time CO-OP students in 19W will have 100% of their award deferred to the following academic year (20W)
  • Single term CO-OP students can receive 100% of their award if they are registered in 12 or more non CO-OP credits in the current academic session (19W). (ie. CO-OP in T1, 12 credits in T2)
  • Indicate on award recommendation form of student's CO-OP status

Scholarship eligibility in the following academic session (20W) depends on their course load in current session (19W):

  • Full time CO-OP in current session (19W): 
    • Academic Merit Based Awards: ineligible for awards in following session (19W).  Student will not have any GPA or registration in non CO-OP credits to be evaluated on against peers in same academic session.
    • Non-academic awards: eligible for awards not evaluated on academic merit in the following session (19W).  As GPA or academic achievement is not a criteria, student can still be evaluated against other students on non-academic merits such as leadership, community service or financial need.
  • Part time CO-OP in current session (19W) - is eligible for scholarship or other academic merit based award in following session (19W), but will be limited to receive up to 50% of the award value ONLY if student was in at least 12 non CO-OP credits in current session (19W).  For example:
    • Student A participated in 2019W Term 1 CO-OP, Term 2 registered for 14 credits.  Student is chosen for an academic scholarship in 20W with a value of $1000.  He can be assigned $500 and remaining $500 can go to another student or be rolled forward to the next session.

Students in Exchange Abroad

Participation in exchange experiences abroad in current session (19W) will affect award payout as follows:

  • Registered in EXCH in both terms: 100% of award deferred to payout upon registration in next winter session (20W)
  • Registered in EXCH in term 1 and minimum 12 UBC credits in term 2: can receive 100% of the award in current session (19W)
  • Registered in term 1 EXCH and term 2 COOP: 50% of award deferred to payout upon registration in next winter session (20W)

Eligibility of awards in following session after participation in exchange:

  • Grades earned while on exchange should only be used to evaluate against other students if official transcript was submitted and UBC equivalent credits & grades are awarded to student.  If 24 credits or more from school abroad are recognized as UBC credits, then student is eligible for scholarship or academic based award.
  • One term of non credit exchange and minimum 12 UBC credits in term 2 will allow student to earn 50% of a scholarship's total value
  • Eligibility for non-academic or need based award not affected

Award Credit Requirement Exceptions

Graduating Students

Students in their graduating year registered in less than 24 credits are still eligible to obtain/retain merit based scholarships and prizes.  Please indicate this on the award recommendation form to avoid delay in award assignment.

Varsity Athletes

UBC varsity athletes can earn scholarships by taking a minimum of 18 credits, with letter confirmation from Athletics of commitment to varsity team.

Award Appeal Due to Extenuating Circumstances

Students must submit supporting documentation to their ESP for confirmation of inability to meet the minimum requirements under Senate Regulations.  Successful award appeal will allow student to retain their recommended award.

Graduating Awards

Definition: awards that are recommended to graduating students, to recognize their career at UBC

As there is a very small timeframe between end of winter session and May graduation ceremonies, take note of the following when submitting recommendation for post-academic session awards

  • Submit your grades to SISC as soon as possible

  • We cannot assign graduating award to student with pending grades

  • May 11, 2022: Deadline for submission of graduating awards to be printed in the 2022 Spring Convocation Guide.  Late submissions will not be printed in the Convocation Guide

  • May 11, 2022: Names for medal engraving is due by end of day.  Departments responsible for each medal will be contacted before deadline.

Student do not have to be returning to studies the following year to receive a post-academic session prize.  They must have been enrolled in 24 credits in the current session to receive a graduating prize, unless student needs less than 24 credits to graduate. 

Awards for Graduate Level Students

Refer to: Awards and Scholarships for Graduate and Postdoc Studies for further information.

How to Submit Recommendation

Award recommendations can be submitted via 

Instructions on how to use the assignment form.

Completed award recommendation form can be submitted to for processing.  Please allow up to 10 business days for processing.

  • Information to include in email:

    • Subject line: session, award # or ORG code

    • Copy of the bulk assignment excel file.  A signed copy is necessary if the recommendation is not submitted by someone on the awards committee. 

    • If applicable, the reason why recommended student will fail eligibility test or not be within the award criteria.

One-Time Awards from Department Funds

If you have one-time department funding to disperse to undergraduate students as awards, please download the instructions here and attach it to your award request email to for processing.  It may take up to 5 business days to process your request.  

Award Funding Disbursement

Once an award passes restrictions and is offered to student, an email offer will be sent.  Students must then log onto their SSC to accept or decline the award.  Award funding is first paid against their tuition owing, then excess is refunded via direct deposit.  Funds are dispersed within 3-5 business days of student accepting the award, not when the award recommendation is submitted to Enrolment Services.  Students without direct deposit set up in SSC will have the award funding deposited back to their student tuition account as a credit towards future study.  Enrolment Services highly encourage all students to sign up for direct deposit.  Instructions can be found here.