Last update: October 20, 2023

The new Admission System (AAP) contains applications to all UBC & UBCO programs submitted by UBC & UBCO applicants. After applications are submitted, they are placed in admission “processing areas” within the AAP system. These areas serve to store specific program applications in the system together. For example, the “ADMS” processing area contains all applications submitted for most undergraduate level bachelor programs on both campuses.

When requesting processing areas on the Workday Student Access Form, you will be prompted on the form to select the processing areas you require access to. Review the processing area below and the associated UBC or UBCO programs associated with that processing area & select the processing area on the form for the program applications you will be required to view or update in the AAP.

Please note that as some areas may contain applications from multiple faculties or departments, all access requests will be subject to review for approval. If you are unsure which processing area contains the program(s) you require access to administer, please contact the ISC – Student Access team using the ISC Self-Service Portal.

AAP Processing Areas

Processing Area Processing Area Description Available Programs
ADMS Undergraduate Admissions Bachelor degree programs in Vancouver & Okanagan (unless specified elsewhere)
Certificate in Data & Models in Political Science
Certificate in Dechinta Community & Land-Based Research
Diploma in Art History
Diploma in Film Production
Diploma in Linguistics
Diploma in Music Performance Studies
Diploma in Meteorology
Diploma in Collaborative Piano Studies
Entry-to-Practice PharmD
Vantage College
DAP Diploma in Accounting Diploma in Accounting
DENT Dentistry Bachelor of Dental Science (Dental Hygiene)
Doctor of Dental Medicine
EDUC Education Bachelor of Education programs (Secondary, Early & Middle Years)
Diplomas in Education
Education Certificates & Undergraduate Certificates
ENGR Engineering Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Mechanical Engineering in the BC Context
Graduate Certificate in Applied Geological Engineering
Graduate Certificate in Global Mine Waste Management
Master of Engineering
Master of Engineering Leadership
Master of Health Leadership and Policy
EXCH Exchange Graduate & undergraduate visiting international research students
Inbound-to-UBC exchange students
Tec de Monterrey Academic Program
FRST Forestry Graduate Certificate in Forest Management and Conservation

Graduate Studies

Doctor of Musical Arts
Vancouver research-based Master degree programs (unless specified elsewhere)
Vancouver research-based PHD degree programs (unless specified elsewhere)

Graduate Studies Okanagan

Doctor of Education (Okanagan)
Okanagan research-based Master degree programs (unless specified elsewhere)
Okanagan research-based PHD degree programs in Vancouver (unless specified elsewhere)
LAW Law Juris Doctor
MBA Sauder MBA programs Master of Business Administration programs
Master of Business Administration dual degree programs (MBA-MBAN & JDMBA)
Master of Business Analytics
Master of Management
MEDI Medicine Doctor of Medicine
Graduate Certificate in Primary Health Care
Graduate Certificate in Clinical Informatics
Graduate Certificate in Global Surgical Care
OCPE Continuing Professional Education Certificate in High Performance Coaching and Technical Leadership
Certificate in Technology-Based Distributed Learning
Certificate in Technology-Based Learning for Schools
Dentistry General Practice Residency Training Program
Graduate Certificate in Adult Learning and Education
Graduate Certificate in Aquaculture
Graduate Certificate in Educational Technology
Graduate Certificate in Genomic Counselling and Variant Interpretation
Graduate Certificate in Higher Education
Graduate Certificate in Orientation and Mobility
Medicine Postgraduate Residency Training Program
PHAR Pharmacy Graduate Diploma in Pharmacy Leadership
Pharmacy Practice Residency Program
REAL Real Estate Division Certificate in Residential Valuation
Diploma in Urban Land Economics
Post-Graduate Certificate in Real Property Valuation
REHA Rehabilitation Medicine Graduate Certificate in Orthopaedic Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy
Graduate Certificate in Rehabilitation Sciences
RITS Ritsumeikan Ritsumeikan Academic Exchange Program