Last update: June 14, 2022

Everyone who accesses the SIS must comply with FIPPA and UBC Policies. Find out what your responsibilities are in regards to data security when accessing and using data from the SIS.

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The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) outlines BC laws on protecting private information.

Some guidelines for UBC include:

  • Do not share your access.
  • Only access information that is required for your job.
  • All information must be protected so that only approved staff can access or view it.
  • Information can only be used for the purpose it was originally collected for.
  • Do not look up information for casual purposes. This includes family, friends and famous people.
  • Do not look at or change your own student records. If you are a student, always access your information through the Student Service Centre.

UBC Policies

Everyone who accesses the SIS must comply with UBC Policies, in particular:

SC14:  Acceptable Use and Security of UBC Electronic Systems and Information 

Best practices

  • Do not share your access
  • Your Campus Wide Login (CWL) password is confidential. It connects to the student records and your employee file.
  • You are responsible for any actions taken under your ID. 
  • Lock your workstation
  • Use the keyboard to lock and unlock your computer. <CTRL><Alt><Delete>
  • Delete or shred files that are no longer needed.
  • Always confirm the student's identity
  • Use the SISC screens to confirm the student's identity over the phone. Ask questions only they would know.
  • By email, ask them to send the email from the email address we have on file in the SISC and ask them to include their student number and full name.
Keep your access up to date

Managers must inform SIS Security when:

  • Access is no longer required
  • An employee’s role or duties change, changing their access needs 
  • An employee is no longer within your unit
  • An employee is on leave

Student data reports and search information

All data extracted from the SISC falls under UBC policies and FIPPA, and must be protected.

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