Last update: October 12, 2023

The information provided on this page is for Faculty Administrators requesting the configuration of a new credential, program version, specialization, course subject, or other curriculum in SIS (Student Information Systems).

The Student Systems Management team only configures approved curriculum in SIS. Approval may be required from Senate, Board of Governors and/or the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training. Specific guidelines can be found on the Vancouver Senate and Okanagan Senate Secretariat webpages. 


The process of setting up a new credential, program version, specialization, course subject or other curriculum often requires faculties to work with various stakeholders at the university including:

  • Senate
  • Board of Governors
  • Senate Curriculum Committee
  • Senate Awards Committee 
  • Admissions
  • Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training 
  • Enrolment Services (Student Systems Management Team)


As UBC prepares to move to the new Student Information System (Workday Student), it is important for configuration and data to be stabilized and to limit changes to the current SIS. As we approach the launch of Workday Student, any SIS curriculum configuration requests will go through a new process to ensure alignment between the two student information systems. Our team will conduct a thorough analysis identifying any upstream/downstream impacts and work with IRP Student to determine the best approach for accommodating the requests. Consequently, this new procedure will require longer than the previous 10 business days to review and determine next steps. 


If you would like to inquire about a curriculum configuration item in the SIS, please send your email to with the following information: 

  1. The SIS curriculum change request (please share any specifics where possible) 
  2. Rationale for the change 
  3. Documentation that Senate has approved the requested curriculum change. This includes: 
    • The curriculum proposal submitted to UBC or UBCO Senate for approval and documentation that UBC or UBCO Senate has approved the curriculum proposal; OR 
    • The weblink to the Academic Calendar if the curriculum change has been approved by Senate and is published to the Calendar 
  4. The effective session of the curriculum change 

Our team will reach out directly following your email inquiry.  

Please note that due to changes in the curriculum configuration process, completion of the SIS configuration request form(s) is no longer required as additional analysis will need to be completed with each inquiry to determine next steps. The analysis and the information you provide above are integral in ensuring stabilization and integration of the new student information system.  


Additional Information

Information related to Senate IRP Transition and affiliated deadlines can be found here. To see release notes, please visit the SIS Updates site. To access the site, please login with your CWL. For more information, please contact the Student Systems Management team at

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