Last update: April 28, 2020

Find out how to get help with the SISC, FSC, MCSC and technical issues.


SISC Help is available for all tabs and can be accessed on the top menu when logged into the SISC. Please note, that you must have the SISC launched to access SISC help.

*Some users are experiencing difficulty accessing SISC Help and are being directed to a page reading “Access denied. This is a protected page”. To work around this issue, try adding the following text (including the current date) to the webpage URL: ?siscuser=YYYYMMDD.

For example, you try and access SISC Help on January 1, 2025. If you are directed to the following webpage: try navigating to to access the help page you need.

FSC User Guide

Learn about the Faculty Service Centre by downloading the FSC user guide

Course Section Assignment - Instructor & TA Roles

Learn about the roles & duties of instructors and teaching assistants assigned to course sections in the SISC, and how they map to Canvas & SEOT here.

Additional help