Last update: March 28, 2022

The Faculty Service Centre is the system Instructors and Teaching Assistants access to view class lists, enter grades, and email students in specific courses.

On this page:

Instructor and Teaching Assistant (TA) Access to the FSC

  1. Link your staff Campus Wide Login (CWL) to your Employee ID. Get help linking your CWL and Employee ID.
    • If you don't have a CWL, create one.
    • Find out your 4-digit CWL Sign Up Pin. Contact your HR Administrator if you do not know your Pin.
  2. Contact your Department Administrator to assign you to your course section(s)
  3. Everyone who accesses the Student Information System, including the FSC must comply with FIPPA and UBC Policies.
    • Sharing system access is prohibited.
    • Managers must inform SIS Security when access is no longer required.
    • Read more on the SIS Data Security page.
  4. Log into the Faculty Service Centre (FSC). Google Chrome is the recommended browser for the FSC.

Using the Faculty Service Centre (FSC)

Download the FSC User Guide to learn how to:

  • Customize settings
  • Find course sections
  • Access Classlists
  • Email students
  • Enter and submit grades (manually and via upload)
  • Generate Change Grade forms

Access to the FSC For Non-Instructional Staff

Non-instructional staff, go to the the Request SIS Access page to find out how to get access to the FSC and other SIS systems.

Issues with the FSC

If you are experiencing issues with the Faculty Service Centre (FSC), email