Last update: September 29, 2023

Below are common issues T-Reps may encounter when using Scientia, the SISC or Workday Student while course scheduling, and tips for how to resolve them.

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Enterprise Timetabler

I can’t access Timetabler 

Please ensure you are using Microsoft Edge when launching Scheduling – Courses & Events for course scheduling.

My Timetabler will not open on my screen, but I see the Timetabler icon on the taskbar at the bottom of the screen

Timetabler is opened in the minimized state. To fix this:

1. Hover over the Timetabler icon on the taskbar at the bottom of the screen until a grey box appears above the icon

2. Right click on the grey box and select Maximize

Timetabler should now open on your screen.

I have accidentally changed the layout of my Timetabler and can no longer see all of my icons

You can re-set your view to the default setting by going to Tools (at the top toolbar), Reset, Layout.

I know a room is available but it doesn't appear when I click the "Search" button
  • Have you checked the room availability on the UBC Online Timetable?
  • Does the planned size in the Activity Editor exceed the seat capacity of the room you want to book?
  • Have you limited your search to a specific building or room?
  • Have you checked your location requirements in the Resources tab of Scientia Timetabler? Remove all suitabilities including the zone, “Z:”. 
  • Are your term dates and/or start and end time correct? If the room is booked on one of your scheduled days, you will not be able to move your activity in there.
I cannot double-book a staff member (instructor)

To allow the double-booking of staff members, please do the following on Timetabler:

1.  Go to the Tools (top of page) drop down menu and select Constraints

2.  In the Constraints window, under the Avoid Double Booking Constraint category, select “Never” for Staff Member and click Ok at the bottom to apply the change

3. Write back this change. You can now double book staff members. A problem will still be triggered and the problem will need to be waived.

The course I want to schedule does not appear on Scientia (Course Planner, Timetabler)

Please contact Scheduling Services via email at with the course information for further investigation.

An instructor does not appear in Reference Data Manager (RD) 

If an instructor is not viewable in RD, they may not have an active appointment in Workday. As the instructor list from RD syncs from Workday, please follow up with your respective HR department.


SISC and Online Course Schedule (2023W/2024S Only)

Students can’t register for my course

There are several reasons why students may not be able to register for a course.

  • You just created a section and will need to wait overnight for the Conflict Checker to run before the section is released to students.
  • The "Permit Students to Register" box may not be checked in the SISC.
  • The student may not meet the restrictions.
    • Section-level restrictions: Restrictions at the section level are located in the SISC on the UBC Details page, under Seat Pool. You may create restrictions that are only applied to the section. When creating a restriction, do not type in any of the information for the restrictions, as this will create an error. Use the arrows or the drop-down menu. Make sure you save the seat pool and click "ok" to go back to the main page.
    • Senate restrictions: Senate restrictions can be viewed on the Faculty Course Management (SCMC) system. Senate restrictions are applied to all of the sections of the course. To remove Senate restrictions, contact Senate & Curriculum Services. 

    • Faculty restrictions: Also viewed on the SCMC, these restrictions are applied to all sections of a course. Students must meet these restrictions before they are able to register for the course.

  • Registration may also be prevented based on the student account (e.g., financial holds, advising required, not eligible).
My course is not appearing on the SISC
  • Did you write back (save) your changes in Timetabler?
  • Does the activity have a section ID?  Section ID’s must be 3 characters, letters are capitalized. 
  • Did you change the original section ID? Once a section ID has been written back, it cannot be changed. If a new Section ID is needed, generate a new activity from the activity template with the new Section ID, and delete the old activity.
  • Did you wait 15 minutes to allow time for data to sync from Scientia to the SISC?

If you answered yes to the above questions, please contact our office for assistance via email at

My course is not appearing on the online Course Schedule
  • Did you complete the section details on the SISC Section Controls tab?
  • On the SISC Section Detail tab, please make sure the Publish options were selected:
    1. Publish Section: select Yes
    2. Publish Meeting: select Yes
  • Did you add and complete the course today before 4pm? An overnight refresh is required before it will display on the course schedule.


Workday Student

This section will be updated regularly throughout the course scheduling cycle.