Last update: May 30, 2023

The information on this page is for:

  • UBC staff/faculty that would like to book a general teaching space for University activities.

Students, please visit UBC students general teaching space for instructions on how to book space.

Non-UBC individuals/groups and UBC faculty and staff booking space for activities not related to University business, follow the steps here.  

On this page:

Booking release dates

In order to allow time to book credit courses and/or exams in general teaching space, all other booking requests can only be made on and after the release date for the corresponding room booking period.


Winter 2023/24

Booking Period

Release Date

Term 1 - Winter Session 2023/24

Sep 4 - Dec 10, 2023* Jul 26, 2023**

December 2023 Exams

Dec 11 - 22, 2023 Nov 15, 2023

Christmas Period 2023/24

Dec 23 - 24, 2023 Sep 27, 2023**

Term 2 - Winter Session 2023/24

Jan 2 - Apr 15, 2024 Sep 27, 2023**

April 2024 Exams

Apr 16 - 27, 2024 Mar 20, 2024

Summer 2023

Booking Period Release Date

Term 1 - Summer Session 2023

Apr 29 - Jun 25, 2023 Jan 25, 2023**

June 2023 Exams

Jun 26 - 30, 2023 Jun 7, 2023

Term 2 - Summer Session 2023

July 1 - Aug 14, 2023 Jan 25, 2023**

August 2023 Exams

Aug 15 - 19, 2023 Jul 26, 2023

End of Summer 2023

Aug 20 - Sep 3, 2023 Jan 25, 2023**


All bookings must adhere to Policy 9 – Booking and Rental of UBC Space and Public Health Orders.

* No ad-hoc bookings will be accepted for Thursday, October 12, 2023.

**Collection week – booking requests for winter and/or summer sessions will be collected for a one-week period (i.e. Monday - Sunday) for each respective session. For example, January 25 - 31, 2023 is the collection week. Anything submitted on February 1 onwards will be first come first serve.


Scheduling Services will adhere to booking release dates and booking priorities for general teaching space when processing booking requests. We recommend you read the helpful hints at the bottom of this page prior to booking.

Make a room booking request

Option 1

  1. Room inventory can be viewed here:  UBC General Teaching Space website
  2. Submit a room booking request via the Scientia Web Room Booking (WRB). The advantages of using this method are:
    1. You will receive confirmation of the room booking within approximately one business day, with the exception of collection week and peak periods (January, July, August and September). 
    2. You can view all general teaching spaces that are available to book.
Get access to the Scientia Web Room Booking (WRB)

If you are a current UBC staff or faculty member and you don’t already have access to WRB, complete the SIS administrative access form on the Request SIS Access page. When completing the form, select TEVQ under Group.

Option 2

Room booking request form

Scheduling Services will process the request and email you room booking confirmation within approximately two business days.

Please note that due to the high volume of requests received during our collection week and peak periods (January, July, and September), processing may take longer than two business days. Please do not advertise your event until you have received a final booking confirmation.

Room rental rates

Please note that those activities booked by UBC staff/faculty that are not related to University business will be subject to a rental rate and charged in full according to our Room Rental Rates for non-UBC individuals/groups and UBC faculty and staff booking space for activities not related to University business. These rates are listed here. Scheduling Services will contact you to arrange payment via Visa or MasterCard.

Building Operations opening and closing fees

If your event falls outside a building's regular hours, Building Operations may charge opening or closing fees to offset the cost of providing access. Regularly scheduled academic courses are exempt from these fees.



Opening early


Closing late


Opening and closing


Opening and closing on statutory holidays


*Taxes not included.

AV resources and technicians

Internal bookings include the use of accessible AV equipment. Review the buildings and classrooms page for room listings and their respective AV equipment.

Additional AV support or equipment rentals may be subject to fees. Contact IT Audio Visual Services for more information. 

Helpful hints

  • Room bookings are scheduled to begin and end on the hour or half-hour. Your event should end 10 minutes prior to the scheduled end time to allow for transition to the next event. 
  • Please note that food, alcohol, non-alcoholic drinks are not permitted in general teaching space (classrooms). 
  • Do you need first aid coverage at your event? Request free first aid support from the Student First Aid Team (FAST). Please try to make your request five or more business days before the event date.
  • Signage must comply with Policy 120: Posting of Notices, Posters, and Signs.
  • If a room is not returned to its original state, you may be subject to a charge of $200 for Custodial Services to restore the room back to its original condition.
  • The buildings and classrooms list provides information about general teaching space on campus as well as details about the A/V equipment available in each space.