Last update: December 16, 2022

In the event a fire alarm rings due to a bomb threat or any other cause, the building will be evacuated.

If the occupants can return to the examination and complete the examination within 3 hours of the time the examination commenced, it is recommended that the examination be resumed. Invigilators are responsible for the examination papers left in the examination room.

The building authority will notify Campus Security every time the fire alarm is activated. During examinations, Campus Security will assess the situation and may attend to assist with examination security. Campus Security will file an incident report and provide a report to Scheduling Services and the building authority.

Invigilators are responsible for knowing the location of the designated meeting area for the building in which their examination is scheduled.

The invigilator will, prior to the commencement of the examination, inform students of the procedures to be followed in the event the fire alarm is activated. Students will be instructed to leave the examination papers face down on their desk, exit to the designated meeting area, remain as a group and neither disperse nor discuss the examination.

The invigilator will report to the muster station to gather information from the building authorities and the Fire Department.

The invigilator will make the decision whether or not to resume the examination. In making this decision, the invigilator shall take into account the class size, the length of the exam, the weather and any other pertinent circumstances. (Invigilators will be sensitive to the reality that students have different strategies for writing an examination; hence some students may be penalized more than others by the decision.)

Academic Departments are responsible for establishing and implementing internal procedures regarding examination disruption. These procedures should consider the various conditions for examinations such as a course with multiple sections located in more than one building.

Should an invigilator decide not to resume the examination and it is determined that the examination cannot be graded as complete, the course instructor shall contact Scheduling Services and request that the examination be rescheduled. Scheduling Services, in consultation with the Academic Department, will reschedule the examination with the possibility that the examination will be rescheduled for the forthcoming Sunday provided that the Sunday falls within the posted examination period.