Last update: March 4, 2024

The following procedures were developed in consultation with security personnel and are designed to minimize exam disruption without compromising safety in the event of a bomb threat. These guidelines should enable us to avoid evacuating buildings prior to or during exams. All invigilators are asked to follow these procedures.

Please review these points before the exam and take each precaution to minimize risk to the personal safety of those entering the exam room. In the event of a bomb threat, contact your department head once the room has been safely evacuated.

If A Bomb Threat Is Received and judged to be serious

  • Invigilators will be alerted and fire bells rung. The invigilator in charge should consider whether the exam can be marked based on work completed. If so, students should be informed before they leave. If not, students should be told to check with the department office to find out when the exam will be rescheduled. The instructor will call the exam clerk in Enrolment Services at 604.827.1981 for assistance in rescheduling the exam.
  • In all cases, fire alarm procedures should be followed.  Students should be instructed to leave their examination papers face down on their desk and exit to the designated meeting area. The invigilator will report to the “muster station” to gather information from the RCMP or Campus Security. 
  • Invigilators should remain near the building and should return to pick up the booklets when it is deemed safe to re-enter the building.
  • Some exam rooms can be locked once the exam is over. If you can lock the doors of the exam room, or if the doors will lock when closed, please stay in the room until all the students have left and lock the doors as you leave.