Last update: December 10, 2020

View the polilcies and procedures associated with exams, including information about Academic Concession, Religious Accomodation, and exam hardships and clashes. 

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Exam Hardships

An examination hardship is defined as three or more end-of-term examinations scheduled within a 24-hour period. A student facing an examination hardship shall be given a new examination date for the second examination causing hardship by the respective instructor or department/faculty.

The student must notify the instructor of the second examination no later than one month prior to the examination date for courses in the Winter Session, or no later than two weeks prior to the examination date for courses in the Summer Session.

Exam Clash Procedure

Winter Session Day

An examination clash is defined as multiple examinations that are scheduled on the same day at the same time, and that are listed on the UBC Exam Schedule for the current winter session.

Any student having a daytime timetable clash should immediately contact their professor(s) to determine if an alternate writing time is available. If this cannot be established, the student would complete the Daytime Exam Clash form available at the front counter of Enrolment Services, ground floor of Brock Hall. Enrolment Services will arrange for the student to write the examinations back-to-back on the original examination date, under supervision.

Winter Session Evening and Weekend & Summer Session

For Winter Session evening and weekend examinations and all Summer Session examinations, clashes are the responsibility of the instructor. Please contact your instructor as soon as possible for assistance.


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