Last update: August 28, 2020

[IMPORTANT NOTICE:] In light of the growing UBC response and current developments related to COVID-19 as well as the guidance from public health authorities, please be advised that all 2020 Winter Term 1 Distance Education (DE) exam and Standing Deferred (SD)/Supplemental (S) exam sittings will be held online, and UBC will not be offering off-campus (paper-based) exams. As for Academic Final exam sittings, exam modality will primarily follow its course modality with the majority of academic final exams taking place online. Students will be provided with further details on arrangements for exams through their Faculties and course instructors. Please visit respective exam page for more information about specific exams by following the links provided above. [August 28, 2020]

Scheduling Services oversees the Final Exams, Distance Education Exams as well as the Standing Deferred Exams with a few exceptions. 

Depending on the exam, our team coordinates with either the departments or students to ensure that each exam runs smoothly. Deadlines are enforced to ensure that there are no complications such as late arrival of exams, exam conflicts or student hardships.

The Exams

For more information regarding the different exams please visit the following:

Students, please visit this page for information regarding Distance Education or Standing Deferred exams.